Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Weekly Post 24-Nov to 30-Nov-2014: Thanksgiving week

Monday:  6
Normally my day off, but took a zero yesterday, so got out in the pouring rain for a hospital loop.  I didn't melt.

Tuesday:  6
Lunchtime run in Avondale.  Loving this part of my job to allow me to run mid-day and just have more time in general.  Just heard from a CHS grad friend of mine who also took a new job in September, but with quite a contrast:  he drives (from southern RI) to Bedford, MA five days per week, leaving the house at 4:45am and returning at 7:30pm.  Uggh!

Wednesday:  0

Thursday:  10
Turkey Day run with Mike B and Matthew.  Ran trails from Bradford Preserve, a winding loop around most of the perimeter of Woody Hill (except the southern portion), through Wahaneeta and back.  Starting to think about where we could lay out a 5K in the fall.
One of my ex-Fidelity colleagues sent me this pic in a T-day
e-mail.  It was at my send off party in Boston.
Get your own bottle of wine!

Friday:  10
Black Friday run with Jonny, Justin, and Seth.  Becoming somewhat of an annual tradition.  Met up at the Bakery at Charlestown Beach before running roads out to Charlestown Breachway.  Ran the beach to Green Hill, where Seth left us to bring his daughter to the DMV to get her permit - good luck with that, I know riding shotgun with Mark has aged me (even more). 

Anyway, back to the run.  The funny things about green slimy rocks is they're really slippery.  Slipped a few times before going down for the count.  Was good to get off the rocks.  Ran roads back and enjoyed a scone, coffee, and titillating conversation to end the run.  The guy serving us noticed Jonny's WTAC shirt; it turns out he was in the WTAC in the 1970s.  Jonny asked if I was in my 30s then.  (Mike B was absent today, so somebody had to fill in for the smarta$@.)

Muddy asked what time I had to be at work.  8am, but it's 8:10 now - since I don't have a flux capacitor, I don't think I can make it on time.  E-mailed my boss to let him know I'd be an hour late on account of a Black Friday group run.  He answered with two words, "I'm envious".

Saturday:  5
Grills trail run with Matthew.  He thought Big Hill was pretty cool.
Came home to leaves galore

Moved into the 21st century with
this impulse buy.  Matches the
green Ryobi chainsaws Crutch
& I bought.  Crutch, do
 you have one of these bad-boys?

At 185mph output, this
thing moved wet thick piles
of leaves, sticks, gravel,
and small children.

Sunday: 9
Barn Island trails with Matthew.  One of my favorite spots.

Weekly mileage total: 46
Pretty happy with that.


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  1. Jobs allowing for mid day runs are awesome! And bosses who understand are spectacular! Nice leaf blower, what a bonus not having to collect them and haul them to the dump...