Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekly Log 15-Dec to 22-Dec-2014: Running respite

Running respite:  Feeling shin splints coming on in my left leg, which if past experience is any indication, they'll be pestering me on and off over the next 1-2 months.  Between the shin splints, and the realization that I'll need to get into ramp-up mode soon for Boston, this week sounds like a good one to take some downtime.

Monday - Thursday:  0

Tuesday highlight:  Hiking / clearing in the Westerly Land Trust property known as "Crandall Swamp Preserve".  Nice marked trails in this property of approximately 400 acres.  Two downsides are 1) much of this is wetlands (Aguntaug Swamp is the proper name), and 2) this property is not open to the public, due both to fragile environment and also contentious rights-of-way and neighbors who don't want people on the property.  The yellow trail is a sylvan loop, while the red trail goes through bogs out to Wolf Island, supposedly named for the location of where the last native wolf in Westerly was shot, dating back to agrarian days.
Remnants of an old sawmill - cool diversion in the middle of the woods along the yellow trail

Thursday highlight:  Vicariously running through Matthew's first indoor dual meet.  Running a 3K indoors translates to 15 laps on the track!  Ran about 6th place for much of the race, picking off runners for much of the last few laps before passing the lead runner with about 50 yards to go for the win in 9:45 (5:15 pace).

Friday:  6
3rd annual Christmas Light Run, this year from my house.  Muddy and Mikey joined me for the first loop, and Tommy & Shara joined the fun for the 2nd loop.  Good times.
This year we have a "short" 14' tree.

Saturday:  5
Solo run through Misquamicut, including some beach time.  Threw in a few strides, as I haven't run all week and have the race tomorrow.

Sunday: 8
Old Mountain Field 5K trail race.  Awesome fun race!  Write-up to follow shortly.

Weekly total:  19.  Knowingly and intentionally very low mileage.  Needed to take a break.  Hope to bring it back up next week and to have some fun holiday runs.

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