Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Weekly Log 22-Dec to 28-Dec-2014: Christmas & Final Race of the Year

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  6
Started off the day volunteering for the Westerly Land Trust,
this time clearing brush in Winnapaug Farm Preserve.
Get this, Mikey B, they asked if the "young" guy could help with the heavier
stuff, and they were referring to me!
Hoping for some perimeter trails here in the future.

Drizzly afternoon run through Moonlight and Urso hills.  Shin splints in left leg were bothering me enough that I considered returning home and skipping the run, but I figured I'd see if it got better after a mile or so, which fortunately it did.  Just read that the average duration of shin splints is 71 days, so I'll manage through it and perform a number of shin splint exercises I read in Runners' World.

Wednesday:  6

'Twas the night before Christmas
When we drove down to Weekapaug,
Our hearts were all set
For a run out to Quonochontaug,

First up was a run on Fenway Beach
Where we saw folks enjoying the surf,
Could Crutch be amongst them?
No, this isn't his turf.

Next up we were on Weekapaug beach,
Where Matthew hoped for some hard pack,
But being high tide meant soft sand
And a slow pace turned him into a sad sack.

Halfway out to the point
it started to rain,
Is this really Christmas?
The weather is insane.

We got out to the breachway
And jumped up onto the rocks,
Between the rain and dodging waves
All wet were our socks.

The run back on the Sand Trail
Was hard and taking its toll,
We were all alone
As we saw nary a soul.

Via Hell Field we continued
In our quest to make six,
We finished in a downpour
But got in a good mix.

We wished to our running friends
as we ran out of sight,
Happy Christmas to all
and to all a Good Night!

(My annual apologies to Clement  C. Moore.)

Thursday:  6
Christmas Day run on the beach.  Temps in the high 50s; wore a singlet.  Time to bring some good ole fashioned New England winter weather.
Santa brought new road shoes,
trail shoes, and a Nathan strobe clip-on light
Friday:  11
Mike B (aka Mikey) didn't get enough mileage in with his morning 5-miler on the track, and joined me for 3-town, 2-state tour from the Y out to North Stonington via Boombridge, and back Potter Hill Road.  He even indulged me to run the short but fun trails in the Whitely Preserve.

Saturday:  8
Solo run around the pond and back home via the beach.

Final Race of the Year:
Matthew is at the TOP of the Podium,
Freshman Mile at RI Indoor Classic, Providence

He lowers his PR again! (Sorry, FiveK, your Fitch runner got 4th).

Sunday:  12

Led Chris, Mikey, Matthew, and Seth on a group run in one of my favorite areas:  Barn Island.  Everyone was good for the full 11.5 mile option, including the two short Strava segments.

Weekly mileage: 49 (not good enough to make the WTAC Strava leaderboard, but still pretty good in my book)


  1. Nicely done once again. How often do you see a poem with Weekapaug and Quonochontaug? Merry Christmas!

  2. Loved the poetry again this year!