Thursday, January 1, 2015

Weekly Log 29-Dec-14 to 4-Jan-15

Monday:  0
Zero run, that is, but hit the pool for the first time.  600 yard swim.

Tuesday:  10
Blue Heron Trail, Dedham / Boston, MA.  Was proud that I ran the whole loop without any need to stop and look at the map.

Wednesday:  6
Final run of 2014.  Ran North-South Trail Chariho section (Route 91 to Pine Hill Road), and roads back to Meadowbrook Pond.

Thursday:  7
Solo spin session in the morning, as I couldn't get anyone to take the bait.
Late morning run from FiveK's place.  Mikey, Crutch, and Chris rounded out a group of five to welcome in the New Year.
Happy New Year, friends! 

Friday:  0
Spin splints hurting even walking.  Took to the pool instead for a 750-yard swim.

Saturday:  5
Solo jaunt in Westerly Town Forest.  A lot of clearing going on in power line sections.

Sunday:  8
Trail run in Bluff Point State Park with Matthew, including a lot of single-track I had never been on before.

Weekly mileage:
Run:  36
Swim:  2x, 0.75 miles
Spin:  1x, 45 min


  1. Nice hat!! or is that something behind you? My aging eyes... You didn't ask me to spin! Cheers to a healthy and injury free 2015!!

    1. Cheap hat and 2015-emblazoned glasses from Margaritas New Year's Eve. Come spin with me anytime, Beth! Are you a Y member?