Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 in Review; 2015 Goals

It's that time of year again to review my trials and tribulations over the past 12 months and to set unattainable goals for the next 12.

First, how did I fare against 2014 goals?

·         Run 2,000 miles in 2014.  Crushed it:  2,314 miles.  My highest mileage year ever.
·         Achieve at least one of three very ambitious race goals:  run a mile in sub-5, run Li’l Rhody sub-50, or run a full marathon in sub-2:50.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  16 seconds off in Li'l Rhody; the other two weren't close.
·         Distance events:  Run at least two events of marathon distance or longer.  Participate in one tri event of Half Iron distance or longer.   Sort of, kind of.  Didn't run a spring marathon due to hernia surgery, but did run my birthday 50K, plus Hartford Marathon.  Also did the inaugural Rhode Warrior Half Iron.
·         Keep it fun.  Absolute success here.  Enjoyed a lot of races and tris, but the most fun is the social part, such as group runs and rides, and also catching up with familiar faces at races, including friends and frenemies.

2014 Pictorial Highlights by Month:
January: Old Mountain 5K.  I know
this wasn't everyone's cup of tea,
but I just loved it and for some
reason do well in the snow.
[Yes, this is a very rare photo of
me racing in tights!]
(Photo by Jana)
February:  Belleville Pond 10K
Another "sufferfest" with tough going through snow,
but I had a blast and came in 3rd overall as an added bonus.
(Photo by Scott Mason)

March:  Ocean's Run Half - a new PR! (28 sec)
(Photo by Chris Garvin)
April:  Big River Half
Wasn't as thrilled with my finishing time as I was
with the sheer fun I had on this one.
(Photo by Scott Mason)
May:  Didn't personally run any races in May,
but vicariously enjoyed watching Matthew tear it up.
RI Southern Division Middle School 3K  Champ, prior to
going on to become the RI State Freshman X-C Champ
(Photo by Jana - top of podium in Westerly uniform)

June:  Back Road Ramble 5K
Again, not about my own performance, but was humbled to
be asked by the Y to help design a new course, including
section here going up through amphitheater.  You can see
John / Pard in lower right.
(Photo by Jana)

July:  50K on my 50th
Finishing at Weekapaug with Mike and Tom, who covered
the last 17 miles with me
(Photo by Tommy 5K)

August:  Rhode Warrior Half Ironman,
Tom is propping me up here!  Won my
age group. 5:17:50, an 8-minute PR!
(Photo by Jana)
September:  Pisgah 23K race and
NH road trip w/Jonny &
Crutch - pic here with Jonny
totally spent after race
(Photo by Crutch)

October:  Hartford Marathon
Less than ideal weather (40s and rain), but seeing
Mike and Shara finish their first marathon was great.
Winning my age group wasn't bad either.
(photo by Tommy 5k)

November:  Li'l Rhody.  A perennial favorite.
(photo by Jana)

December:  Old Mountain 5k
The year comes full circle with my first and last race
being Old Mountain.  Unfortunately, there was no snow in
this edition, but loads of fun.  Challenging twisty terrain
where I was really happy with my age group win and overall
(photo shamelessly stolen off Chris' blog)

2014 Stats:
2014 vs 2013 mileage chart
(apparently this is a compulsory component of yearly running blog reviews)
Anomalies were April (low mileage due to surgery) and September (high mileage with a month off from work)

Miles run:  2,314 (compared to 2,103 for 2013)
Miles biked:  801 (795 for 2013)

Races:  24 (34 in 2013, 38 in 2012) - a large step in the right direction; I was totally raced out in 2012

Longest run:  31 miles (longest ever)

New PRs:  Half marathon (1:20:47), 10 miles (1:01:32), half ironman (5:17:50)

2015 Goals:

Mileage:  2,200 (I like Crutch's "quality over quantity", but I also need something to keep me plugging away)

PR goals:  Unlike the lofty 2015 race time goals of both Matthew and Muddy, at age 50 PRs are becoming harder and fewer to come by.  Having said that, I will certainly try and would be very happy if I can PR at either the half marathon (1:20:47) or full (2:51:55).

Volunteering:  It's so important to give back to the community in order to keep events going that wouldn't exist without volunteers, keep trails runnable, and in general help others.  In 2015, I look to keep volunteering for WTAC, Westerly Land Trust, and at least one other cause / organization.

Stepping up the distance:  It's time to throw down the gauntlet and attempt a full Ironman in 2015!  (Elise, are you reading this?)  I would also like to get in a century ride, but that won't happen unless we do it as a group of friends.  A 50K trail race is also on my bucket list, but probably not for 2015.  Yes, I'd love for others to come out for an Ironman with me as well, but I get the feeling none of my tri friends will take the bait on that one.  Any takers?

Keeping it fun: Stealing a page from Mike B's write-up, I look forward to summer fun runs, drinks and regaling dockside at the Dogwatch, group runs, rides, and swims. I am signed up for 9 events in 2015 thus far, and will be carefully picking any remaining entries in order to leave plenty of time for fun adventures.  Rock on, friends!


  1. Great year Jeff! I look forward to more group runs in 2015.

  2. Nice job with the Year in Review, with fancy charts, photos and everything! Pretty damn good stats as well!!! Looking forward to some good running this year!

  3. I love the photos and the meticulous records of mileage and other data.

    Which triathlons are you planning on doing this year? I'm hoping to do the Oh My Goddard and maybe one of the half ironman races. I wish I could do a full ironman, but I want to get more long distance races under my belt first.

    So exciting that you are going to do an Ironman! how are you doing your training plan?

    Also - TFCE is a really nice century, and pretty cheap too! Mark did it last year. The only caveat is that you need to sign up really early because it sells out.