Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekly Log 12-Jan to 18-Jan-2015

Spinning.  45 minutes.  Music everything from rap to Michael Jackson, but they did throw me a bone with one AC/DC song.
Pool swim.  900 yards.

8 miles.  Loop around the pond.  Average 6:28 pace.  Really happy with this one.

12 miles.  Frozen Blue Heron trails in Dedham/Boston, MA.  15 degrees.  Shorts weather, but barely.  Another runner dressed to the max just looked at me, and said, "Wow!  Really?".  I'm not sure if he was impressed with my toughness or my stupidity.

Zero.  Crazy day.  Went to the funeral of my godfather.  (I'm curious: does that concept still exist?)  He was friends with my parents and he and my father both went to Worcester Academy.  Hadn't see him in almost 3 decades, so I debated going at all.  There were no problems; our lives had just drifted apart. 
You know how when you haven't seen a relative or close friend for a while and you may have remarks typically towards youth like "My, have you grown?".  Well, after 28 years, my godfather's son was himself a grandfather now.  Even after 28 years, his wife and kids recognized me instantly, and showered me with hugs and regaling of stories of me running around with their son as a kid on their 172-acre SK farm.  When they asked me to please not let another 28 years go by, it left me with two moral values:  life is short, and keep up those relationships that you value.

6 miles.  Solo coastal run at sunrise.

14 mile group run with Mike B and Jeff Duda.  11 degrees!!  Had to put on tights for the second time this season.  Started out with a 4-mile loop, which worked out well as I was overdressed and stopped back at the car to take off my balaclava and a layer of  clothes.  I was warm for the rest of the run, but meanwhile Mike was collecting ice on his facial hair.

5 miles.  RI section of Narragansett Trail with Matthew.  His suggestion.  Our first part of run was from North Road up to Camp Yawgoog Road, then up and around Hidden Lake and back.  This part of the run was a lot of fun; we just had to slow down quite a bit at frozen stream crossings.  The last part of our run was Long-Ell section, and just too ice choked to be runnable.
Ice covered rocks on the trail made sections un-runnable

Along a ridge;
unauthorized shot

Looking down on frozen Long Pond

Weekly total:  45 miles.  Getting closer to where I want to be.

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  1. I believe the concept of God Father's still exists. My nephew has God Parents, and he is 4... it is tough to keep relationships, glad you went to the funeral.