Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekly Log 26-Jan to 1-Feb-2015: Blizzard and Super 5K Week

Super 5K week.  With no specific training, I'm without any time expectations heading into the race.  I would say my goals are more to win my age group.  I would super psyched with that.

Spin class with Beth.  An unusually quiet and mellow Beth.
750 yards.  Felt sluggish.
5 miles.  Start of the snowstorm.  Run in Champlin.

Good to know.
I guess I won't go swimming in the ocean today after all.
5 miles.  Snowstorm run with Matthew.
Took a break from shoveling to
go for a run.  The mailbox and newspaper boxes
are in there somewhere.

5 miles.  Ran snowy roads close to home.

Finished shoveling.
No snow in the front yard,
as the blizzard deposited 3' drifts
in the driveway.  Tough shoveling.
We'll leave the newfangled snow
blowers to the young'uns. 
When I was a kid, we walked 10
miles to school ... uphill both
ways ... in a foot of snow ...
barefoot... and we liked it.

Tough going running the
trails in Champlin today.

These back roads were great for running in Yak-Traks today.

8 miles.  Around the pond run at Noontime in high 6s.

Friday:  0
Woke up with achy legs.  Time to take a day off.

5 miles.  Bitter cold and windy.  15 degrees with a 20mph sustained wind.  Brrr!

6 miles.  Super 5K.  Write-up to follow.

Weekly mileage totals:
1x, 0.5 miles
1x, 45 minutes
34 miles

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