Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekly Log 8-Dec to 14-Dec-14

Monday:  0
On my long 1.2 mile commute to work, I heard on the radio that if you're going to get murdered at work, statistically speaking, Monday is the most likely day.  Nice - thanks for that!

Tuesday:  5
Absolute downpour.  Actually thought about skipping this one.  Yeah, man up, and get it done, and I'm glad I did.  Got soaked real quick, so then was comfortable just running through all the puddles.  Another upside was wanting to get this done quickly, I averaged 6:32 pace.  Really happy with that.

Wednesday:  5
Up in Needham, MA for my weekly visit.  With it still raining and dark, decided to avoid the trails.  Did not bring reflective gear, and it left me a little uncomfortable, but fortunately many of the streets here have paved paths about 5' in from the street edge.

Thursday:  5
Watch Hill at lunch in snow squalls.  This was a really fun run.  Ran down to the lighthouse, a little on the beach, and on various quiet Watch Hill roads, especially this time of year.  Would have been much happier if we got snow that stuck to the ground, but it was still technically my first snow run of the season.

Friday:  0
Feeling some possible vestiges of shin splints, decided to take a complete zero.

Saturday:  11
32-degree group run with Chris and Jonny from the Quaker cemetery in Perryville.  Remarks:

  • Jonny and I wore "matching" uniforms of shorts, yellow shirt, and orange hat.  Chris didn't get the memo, and showed up in dark clothing and tights.  Isn't that guy from colder NY state?  You'd think today's run was balmy for him.
  • Scariest part of the run was the redneck house with 7 vehicles in the yard with raised chassis, barking dogs, and No Trespassing signs.
  • These trails are tiring with the uphills/downhills but make for great trail training.

Sunday:  7
Matthew asked if I'd run with him on the Brrr-lingame trails.  If you insist!  Did fine with finding the right trails until we got back into the campground after crossing VG.  After a while, just ran roads down to the waterfront until we picked up the trail for the last mile or so.

Weekly mileage:  34
Much lower mileage than I would like, but if I do have shin splits recurring, I want to be careful of that as well.


  1. Hope the shin splints stay at bay.

  2. In "upstate" New York, you learn how to wear weather-appropriate clothing. None of this year-round shorts nonsense you Rhode Islanders seem to be fond of.

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