Saturday, December 6, 2014

Weekly Mileage Log 1-Dec to 7-Dec-2014

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  5
Woody Hill bushwhacking in new town properties adjacent to Route 91.  Trying to follow vestiges of trails that mostly led nowhere.  At one point, came upon a 10' monument dated 1880 recognizing the Vars family emigrating from France to Newport in the 1600s.  Odd!

Wednesday:  7
Rainy 37 degree run in Needham, MA.  With soaking rains overnight, decided to stay off the trails.  Ran to a local track, and ran 5 x 800:  2:46, 2:50, 2:52, 2:53, 2:54.  Disappointing.  Need to work on this. 

Thursday:  8
Beautiful sunny day in the mid-40.  For my lunch break, I ran roads out to Watch Hill, and then beach back to Misquamicut, re-capturing my CR from Matthew in the process.  Running an average 5:57 pace on the beach for 2 miles was not easy for me, but it had to be done!  (If or probably when Matthew re-takes it from me, that will likely do it for me.)

During my segment run, a few people were out walking the beach.  One of them cheerily said something like "Beautiful day out there, isn't it?  Hope you're enjoying the run."  I hope they weren't expecting anything as verbose, as I mumbled back something incoherent while drooling and spitting in their general direction.  Hope they picked up at least on my positive sentiment, but somehow color me skeptical.

Friday:  5
Back to Woody Hill for some more bushwhacking.  Spent time in a pine forest where I'd like to put in a trail connector.

Saturday:  16
Met up with Chris and Muddy at Charlestown School for a 6:30am run.  We ran roads into Richmond on many familiar streets from where I moved to at age 12.  Other than very short sections on Routes 2 and 138, most of the run was on quiet streets.  Didn't realize until afterwards that for the first 12 miles, we had run an average of 6:58/mile.  Very happy with that!  Chris parted ways after 12, and Muddy led us for 4 miles of trails in Carter Preserve before calling it a day.  Very solid run.

Sunday:  8
Run with Matthew and his friend from Tower St school to Riverwood and back.  Tried to keep up with Matthew on Old Hopkinton Road segment, but nothing doing.

Weekly mileage total:  49

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