Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekly Log 9-Feb to 15-Feb-2015

Guess I'd never be accused of
wearing parashorts.

1,000 yards in the pool. 

9 miles. Frigid early morning run on the beach.

8 miles. Needham, MA, buried in feet of snow.  Ran 4.5 miles outdoors between 6' high snowbanks, using sidewalks when I could, otherwise, skirting cars.  Came inside to run 3.5 miles on the Dreadmill.

6 miles.  Lunchtime Misquamicut run with Crutch in unusually balmy 32-degree weather, while fat snowflakes fell around us.

4 miles.  Cold run in the teens Friday afternoon.  Wilcox Park, plus part of Schonning 5K run.  Caught up with FiveK and Muddy, both of whom opted for an indoor run.

6 miles.  Originally was going to run long with the group, but couldn't turn out a request from Matthew's coach to run a workout on Narragansett hills instead.  15 minutes warm-up, 5 x (hard up Narragansett, jog down), 15 minutes cool-down.

6 miles.  White-out windy snowstorm run with FiveK and Matthew.  Soon after running from FiveK's place, a woman shoveling out her driveway yelled out to us, "Are you crazy!?", to which I could only reply, "Yes!".
At Fenway Beach in the falling snow

Two fools in a snowstorm
Whiteout:  Looking down
Spray Rock Road, with
Weekapaug Inn in background
(This is the visibility we had
at times)

Running into the wind

FiveK in the blowing snow
in front of Weekapaug Inn

5 miles.  Tacked on 5 more solo with Yaktrax in the afternoon.  11 miles running in the snow today.  I'm wiped.  Long live winter!

Weekly Mileage Log:
1x, 0.6 miles
43 miles

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  1. Very fun and enjoyable blizzard run!! As epic as it may have been, short live winter!!