Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly Log 16-Feb to 22-Feb-2015

3 miles on the dread.  A few minutes between dropping Mark off to catch a bus to his divisional swim meet and heading up ourselves.  3 boring slow miles.

Anyway, today was not about me; it was about the boys:  Matthew became RI Freshman State Champ in both events he competed in (1500 and 1000) and was the only freshman to win more than one event; Mark came in 5th in Division I Championships.  More in really nice article here.

8 miles.  Snow run with FiveK and Shara.  Met up at lunch time for a run on quiet roads with 2" of fresh snow.  Running on the snow covered roads was far more pleasurable than slushy, sloppy, wet heavily salted main roads like Watch Hill Road.  At one point, a truck drove close to us (despite no one in opposing lane) and splashed Shara and I with wet slop.  Other than that, it was a lot of fun.

7 miles on Satan's Conveyor Belt.  You read that right; the anti-mill guy got in 7.  Up in Needham for my weekly visit, and the 6' snowbanks combined with many icy and unplowed sidewalks make it dangerous to run outdoors. So how did I fight the boredom to get through 7 miles?  Two factors:  1) I ran intervals [2 miles warm-up, 6 x (.5 miles @ 5:27 pace, .25 recovery jog - if it sounds fast, it's only because it's on the dread), 1 mile cooldown], and 2) the treadmills at Charles River Y all have their own built-in entertainment systems, so I switched channels on every recovery jog.

6 miles through Avondale.  On the plus side, it was finally warm enough for shorts.  On the minus, it was real windy.  Saw Matt Anderson along the way, and we both stopped and caught up for a minute on how our Boston training is going (his much better than mine).

Friday:  0

4 miles.  Short, slow run, with low motivation. 

While I had no motivation to run, I did have motivation to research one of my favorite places in Westerly, Woody Hill.  One of the leaders of the Westerly Land Trust recently sent out a document he typed up with various historical reference points in Woody Hill (who the fort belonged to in the 1800s, certain stone foundations that I run past being part of the Woody Hill School house in 1898, etc).  He used my map, for which he gave me credit, as well as saying I had been helpful with my search of Westerly town land records that made up the Woody Hill acquisition.  He really whet my appetite, and in the afternoon I went to the library for the first time in years.  I remember in college using microfiche at a library in Providence to research some aspect of World War I on newspapers from the time.  Today I researched newspapers in 1936 regarding the Woody Hill acquisition, and it turns out the microfiche techniques have changed little.  I was giddy as a schoolboy.  At any rate, the Westerly Land Trust has asked me to research and write an article on the history of their Avondale Preserve from colonial times to present, and while I would have dreaded research assignments in my school days, I am really excited about this!

7 miles.  Planned to get a long run in, but when Jana came back from her run with soaken wet socks and shoes, I just had no ambition to get out there and run 20 in wet slop.  My plan quickly changed to sit around and sulk all day, when mid-day Crutch texted me for a Watch Hill run.  Yes, my feet got soaked, but it was overall just a pleasurable run mixing in beach, sun, warmth, and good conversation.

Weekly Mileage Log:
35 miles.  Clearly not where I want to be this close to Boston.

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