Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekly Log Post 2-Feb to 8-Feb-15

Harder to get out between snow clogged streets and near impassable trails, but the winter scene has its pluses of nature's beautify and serenity.

6 miles.  Snowstorm run in Misquamicut.
Heading out the door into another
fresh batch of snow.

0.5 miles.  Pool run / lap combo.

6 miles.  6 degrees.

5 miles.  "Forced" inside onto a treadmill.  Needham, MA.  As they're still digging out from 3' of snow now, it would have meant running on the roads dodging cars.  Varied speed between 9mph (6:40 pace) and 11mph (5:27).  It was a long 30+ minutes to get this in, but one plus is it does make the training easier to maintain a certain target pace.  Maybe Muddy is on to something afterall?
The Y treadmills have modernized quite a bit since I last used one, as I watched clips of recent sports highlights being played on the screen on my treadmill.

4 miles.  The mileage understates the effort.  This was a hard, but very fun run in Wahaneeta.  I'll let the pics tell the story.
The access road to the trails was
all ice.  Yaks saved the day.

This shot of the trail covering a
babbling brook just epitomizes
the sheer beauty of winter to me.

NH?  No, running the trails in RI
with about 2' of snow on the ground.

It turns out crusty snow can be quite abrasive on the legs.
Who knew?

7 miles.  Belleville Pond 10K snow race.  Separate write-up shortly.

18 miles.  Longest run this year to date.  One solo 10-mile loop, then a 8-mile loop with Matthew.  Was really fading on last few miles, especially with sore legs from yesterday's race.

Weekly mileage totals:
1x, 0.5 miles
47 miles

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