Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Log 23-Feb to 1-Mar-2015

Gather round, boys and girls.  This week we solve Chris' dog biting worries while out running:

20 miles.  Finally got in my first 20-miler. Meant to over the weekend, but between kids' events and weather, didn't happen.  Very slippery for much of the run, with Weekapaug roads crusted over snow and Misquamicut a parking lot.  Fell twice, and broke through a frozen puddle I didn't see in the dark.  Ran past FiveK's house in the dark; was tempted to bang on the door and tell him time to come out for a run.

5 miles.  Short and easy in the North End.

7 miles on the dreadmill outside of Boston.  2 miles easy, followed by 5 * (1K @ 5:27 pace, 600m recovery), 1 mile easy. 
Streets of Needham, MA:
(Note the icicles and snow on this house!)
Still too much snow & ice to run outside here;
another week on the dreadmill.

5 miles.  Early morning loop out to RockRidge and back.

Friday:  0

20 miles.  Banged out my 2nd 20-miler.  Two to go before Boston.  Two 10-mile loops from Charlestown Beach area.  The first loop went fine.  As I ran Old Coach Road, 2 thoughts came to mind:  1) Seth's driveway looks really long and I hope he has it plowed, 2) this road is way hillier than I remember.  Threw in a 3-mile MP section, and intended to run another towards the end of the run.  Coming back through Green Hill back roads, they were complete icepacks!  Stopped at the car for a quick drink and to shed a layer of clothes (no Jackman burlesque shows). 

Out to Charlestown Breachway, and then the beach run to Green Hill was warm and great.  After Green Hill, it was complete rock piles, so to avoid them, I ran further away from the water where there was still snowpack.  I'd run on top of the crust for a while, then break through, twist on rocks, repeat, all the way to Moonstone.  By the time I got to Moonstone, I was happy to get off the beach and lost interest and strength to try any miles at MP.

Sunday: 0
Ice skated 8+ miles at Washington Trust Ice Rink;
volunteered to be mascot for my employer;
had fun playing tag w/little kids and giving them high-5s
With my brother Kurt and
his daughter Lucy
(You think ice skating is easy?  Try it for 8
miles, 2 hours straight wearing this costume!)


Weekly Mileage Log:
58 miles.  Not exactly Muddy territory, but much better than previous weeks.


  1. Nice costume! Those socks would do the trick for dog bites! And Congrats on 2 20 milers in one week. Wow, impressive!!

  2. Five plows this year and let's hope last night was the last.

    Cute costume. I hope none of the kids grabbed your nose.

  3. I don't care what anyone says, you're a star!