Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly Log 23-Mar to 29-Mar

5 miles.  Champlin trails.

8 miles.  Around the pond.  Worked in 10 * 1-minute fast runs, broken up by 30 second recoveries

6 miles.  Needham streets, plus running on top of crunchy snow at golf course.  Passing bikers told me I was making them feel cold (in shorts and a shirt at 25 degrees) but I know riding makes you feel much colder than running (given same temp and clothes worn).

7 miles.  Pouring cold rain, about 35 degrees.  Very cold by the time I finished up.  Reminded me of running Hartford Marathon last fall.

6 miles.  First of three consecutive days on the Burlingame course.  Light rain.

7 miles.  Bowed out of running with the guys early morning from the Y in the dark cold rain.  Volunteered to help Mike G mark the course.  Out there for about 3 hours in rain, sleet, and snow, but still enjoyed it.  Cold finishing up.

14 miles.  Brrr-lingame.  Write-up to follow.

Weekly Mileage Log:
53 miles.  Not bad.

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