Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekly Log 2-Mar to 8-Mar-2015

1st full week of March, and perhaps the last week of wintry weather.

Monday:  0

7 miles morning beach run.  13 degrees, but sunny.
4 miles.  Deep snow running in Wahaneeta with Yaktrax.  Average 13:41 pace belies the effort, as I had to stop a number of times just to catch my breath.  Beautiful and fun out in the woods, but quite an effort.

6 miles on the dreadmill in Needham, MA.  2 mile warm-up, then 10 * (1-minute @ 5-flat pace, 30 seconds recovery), 1 mile cool-down.

7 miles in perhaps the last snowstorm of the winter.  Ran through Misquamicut, and back on the beach.  Beautiful big white flakes.
5 more in the falling snow.  The bank closed early on account of us getting an additional 8" of fresh powder; how I could resist getting back out there?  Ran the quiet streets of Misquamicut to avoid cars.
The Misquamicut Snow Wolf.
Crutch, looks like there's a
surfboard in the background.

Westerly Land Trust's
Winnapaug Farm Preserve.
Beautiful and peaceful in the new-fallen snow.

Misquamicut Beach - fun to run the beach
in the snowstorm.

5 miles in downtown Wakefield with Muddy and Paul Gray.  Really tough running along the snowbanks on narrow streets.  Jumped onto the plowed bike path for a bit, but that was icy.  Made me really appreciate the diversity of quiet streets I have at my disposal for running choices.
Followed up the running with dinner and drinks with five of my teammates to celebrate our Super 5K men's win.  Drinks:  Long Trail Limbo IPA - really like this, and Glenlivet 18-year old single malt - SMOOTH!  Fortunately, the rest of the guys helped subsidize this one for me, as it was $20.25 a pop.  Thanks guys!

5 miles.  Quiet roads of Chin Hill, No Bottom Pond, and Misquamicut neighborhoods.  Even though it was mid-morning on a Saturday, I saw nary a car.
18 miles.  Ocean's Run truncated Half Marathon, including warm-up and cool-down.  Write up to follow.

Weekly Mileage Log:
57 miles.  Happy with this effort, especially given a race week.

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  1. Solid week! Great job, and a great time with you guys at the Mews on Friday. Looking forward to the Ocean's writeup!!!