Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Log 16-Mar to 22-Mar-2015: Spring has Sprung

End of winter / beginning of spring thoughts:
  1. Why did I sign up for Boston?  At the moment, I feel like I never want to run another spring marathon again, due to the winter training regimen.  (Kudos to Muddy for banging out mega-miles on the mill, but I just don't have it in me mentally.)
  2. I have no complaints about snow, and in fact, next winter I want to snowshoe and x-c more.  It's just that on a frigid Saturday or rain-soaking Saturday, I just don't want to feel that I "have to" get in a long run.
  3. Jonny said it best today (23 March) on a Strava posting:  "Hard to get excited about chilly road runs anymore."  Here's to many trail runs and multi-sport adventures as we move into spring.

Monday:  0 (my usual rest day)

5 miles around Weekapaug with Crutch.  Ran most of Clamdigger course and checked out curbs to see if snow-free enough for SNERRO to certify course.  Not quite ready for prime time.

6 miles.  Needham, MA.  Windy, cold, icy on the roads, but better than the 'mill.  Right?

Thursday: 0 (too busy packing for trip and driving to Maine; a/k/a poor planning)

5 miles.  After a tiring day of skiing at Sunday River, a tiring run with Matthew in Maine.  No matter where we ran, it was either steep uphill or downhill (we're in the mountains, afterall).  Wore me out completely.
l-r:  my cousin's son, my cousin Dave, Matthew, Mark

Matthew coming down the slope

Mark in the glades

Saturday: 0 (busy day skiing, and swimming, and drinking, and cavorting)
One of hardest, but coolest,
glade trails I skied (straight ahead through the trees).
Akin to a good trail run.

Great vista.  Mark in center foreground.

Woke up in Maine to 9 degrees, blasting winds, and fresh snow/ice.  Passed on a morning run.
5 miles back in Westerly with Matthew out to Rock Ridge and back.  Everything was sore.

Weekly Mileage Log:
21 miles.  Lowest week this year, but I did get in a lot of skiing to offset, and it can't all be about running, right?


  1. Sometimes I really miss skiing. Nice pics!

  2. I love the winter running but the last several weeks, the cold has really gotten to me. I am looking forward to the rising temps and my first race of the year coming up in April.

    1. I'm with you, Nicole. Can't say I enjoy this spring rain, but I'm looking forward to some warmer and drier runs.

  3. As I watch your and Muddy's long runs on Strava, I think to myself, I hope for a perfectly perfect weather day for Boston for both of you. You, especially, have more than earned a nice cool partly cloudy spring race day with the wind at your back.

    1. Thanks Beth. I've run Boston in 86-degree high-Noon heat, and I've run it in a Nor'easter. Neither was much fun; if anything similar this year, I'd probably just bag it.