Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Log 13-Apr to 19-Apr-2015

Monday:  0

3 miles.  Short Woody Hill loop, then planning/clearing for Pumpkins trail race.

9 miles.  Blue Heron trails.  Took the full loop.  Felt great.  Just two weeks ago these trails were in deep snow.  The only snow I encountered was a 5' snowbank I had to scurry over at one of the trailheads.

7 miles.  Burlingame morning workout with FiveK.  Mixed in a series of 400s and 200s on campground roads.  Wouldn't have gotten this in on my own.

1 mile exploring trail extension for Run for the Pumpkins.

11 miles.  Scone run!  Group road/beach run with Chris and Tommy.  Mixed in a 2-miler at 6-flat, and 1 mile at 6-flat.  Returned on the beach to score a scone before heading a thousand miles south.
Arrived in Florida to find this creepy crawler in our hotel room.

7 miles.  Treasure Island, FL.  Barefoot beach run with Matthew on a beautiful white sand beach.  After a few miles, we both realized our feet weren't yet ready for running seven miles barefoot on sand/shell mix.  A blister and tenderness followed, but good to go by next morning.
Beach run outside our hotel

Guess we're not in Westerly anymore

View from hotel.  Surf got choppy in afternoon for swim.

0.35 mile very choppy swim in the Gulf.  Drank lots of salt water.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0.3 miles.
0 miles.
39 miles.  Fun week of running!

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