Tuesday, April 28, 2015

RI State Police 5K

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The WTAC squad was smaller this year than in the past.  With Mikey and Chris on the disabled list, this only exacerbated the small size of the team.  Saw Beth in the looong registration line, met newest teammate Johnny W of Charlestown, and met up with Crutch and Mr & Mrs FiveK for a warm-up.

18:04.  4th out of 725.  Full results here.

Mile 1:  State Police shotgun start - I love it.  I started out in 3rd row with Shara, maybe 15 runners back.  It worked out well as with two full open lanes the race opens up immediately.  I just knew Sweatpants Guy was going to be slowing down soon, but the rest of the runners looked quite fit.  However by the time we made the sharp left turn from Narragansett Ave to Kingstown Road, I had made my way up to 8th place and just kept reelin' 'em in.  By the end of the mile, I was in 5th and could see FiveK up ahead in second.  Mile 1 split 5:42.

Mile 2: Ever so slight hill up Boone Street, left down to Ocean Ave where I encountered a slight headwind.  The mile seemed to go by quickly.  Split 5:51.

Mid-course along Boone St
(Photos by sidelined Chris Garvin)

Mile 3:  Just before Coast Guard House, the number 4 runner came back to me.  I slowly passed him, and kept a steady pace not knowing if he'd re-challenge me.  At the final turn off Ocean Ave, I saw FiveK in 2nd place and the 3rd place guy not far behind him.  It seems really long from here to the finish even though it's only 0.3 miles.  I felt like I was narrowing the gap on #3, but he was just too far ahead of me.  Split 5:49.

Picking up my award
(Photos by FiveK)

Although I didn't break 18, I was really close and was happy that all my splits were within 10 seconds of each other.  Cool down run with Tommy and Shara; they even came on trails with me!  Got back in time for awards, including a WTAC mens team win!