Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekly Post 27-Apr to 3-May-2015

Monday: 0

Awful day for Matthew.  Got the call from the school that he had an injury playing football in gym, and we needed to bring him to the hospital.  (At least I'm working in Westerly now and not Boston; a key part of my job decision was based on being closer to home for the few years the kids have left before going off to college.)

While Matthew's injury was no doubt small in the scheme of life, as a parent it's distressing to see your son in pain.  By the time we got to the school, the nurse said he had almost passed out from the pain.  Looking at his grossly disfigured wrist made me want to vomit, but I tried to be an adult.  Spent the next few hours at the ER as he got an IV, x-rays, and eventually attached to some sort of hand-straightening torture device while the orthopedic doctor snapped his dislocated wrist back into place and then set his two broken bones.

9 miles on the Blue Heron trails.  Actually passed a remnant snow bank on my run.  No snow on the trails, but a fair amount of mud.  At one turn, I slid and went down in the mud up to my thigh.  Just laughed and got up.

7 miles.  Trail maintenance in Woody (running with pruning shears ignoring the "Don't run with scissors" rule), plus a 5-mile evening run along the beach.

11 miles.  More trail maintenance, plus 9 miles with FiveK.  Included a Hell Field workout:  6x400 (73, 72, 73, 75, 74, 73), 4x200 (32, 35, 34, 33). 

9 miles.  All trail.   Continued trail maintenance, plus a run around Watchaug Pond while awaiting a Back Road Ramble race committee meeting at Camp Watchaug.  Come join us for the race on June 7th this year.  The waterfront will be open and included in race admission.  The water trampoline will be open, as well as free kayak and canoe rentals, and some type of bounce house for the young ones.  I just secured $50 gift certificates from Kelley's Pace for the overall winners, so a good chance for promotion for the new owner there as well.

12 miles.  Two runs:

Morning 9 mile fun run from Kelley's Pace.  New owner Jeff Anderson has been putting on these runs every Saturday, and Faith has been advocating them as well.  It was good for me to go on this day, as the run covered most of the Mystic Half course.  A group of about 20 came out for the run, but split up by pace pretty quickly.  Right from the start, long time runner Jim Roy came up to me and we spent most of the rest of the run chatting away at a high-7s pace.  That should be about the pace I'll be looking to run at Mystic in order to run a 1:45 goal pace.

Afternoon 3-mile run with Matthew.  Other than a couple of short test runs on the track, this was his first road run since the injury.  His gait just looked so unnatural as he can't bend his arm at all and the weight of the cast and wrapping was dragging him down.

6 miles.  Trail maintenance, plus a 4-mile road/beach run in Watch Hill with Matthew.  He had to stop a couple of times due to pain/discomfort.  Great perseverance in trying to keep up conditioning.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0 miles.
0 miles.
54 miles.  First time in months back in the top 3 mileage on the Strava WTAC weekly leaderboard.