Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekly Log 11-May to 17-May-2015

Signed up for a few more races.  I am trying to balance races and just free time for group runs and rides, but at this point, looks like a possibility of five consecutive weeks of races coming up.

2 miles.  Woody trail maintenance.

7 miles.  Yep, all in Woody.

14 miles.  Fun one in the morning running 7 miles exploring Wilson Mountain Reservation for the first time (Dedham, MA).  Afternoon run with Muddy in Woody, and showing him the new pieces of the Pumpkins trail.  Watch out for those ticks; picked a couple of those vile things off me.

6 miles.  Woody.
600 yards.  Easy short swim.

Friday: 0

13 miles.  Running in another of my favorite places, Barn Island.  Mike B made his return to group running by joining us for the first seven, and then Muddy and I finished it out.

OK, this one started out weird.  A bunch of us WTAC runners were out for a casual run on the trails.  At one section, there was a deep hole in the middle of the dirt trail, but we just proceeded to jump over it, or at least most of us did.  I heard a yell behind me, and we all went back to see what happened.  Oh no!  Beth fell into the hole!  I way underestimated the depth of the hole, as I peered down and saw BLS laying at the bottom of the hole about 40' down.  Seth and I were discussing whether we should get ropes and come back, when all of a sudden, the alarm went off.  It was 5am and time to get up for the group ride.  I was relieved when I saw Beth's 50+ bike miler on Strava later that day.  Somehow she got out of the hole.

40 miles!  Chris organized this group ride.  Originally Mike B was going to join us, but he had stayed up until Midnight for his wife's birthday (the elderly don't usually stay up late).  FiveK and I met up at Chez Garvin for a fun ride through SK & NK, and a PeaceDale coffee stop.
5 miles.  Evening run in the Town Forest with Matthew.  Disappointed to see the place getting a little overgrown.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0.4 miles.
40 miles.
47 miles, almost entirely on trails.


  1. Hmmm, you didn't know I was an excellent rock/dirt climber did ya!! Nothing was going to keep me away from that hell, um I mean, ride on Sunday. I highly recommend it for some good hill training. Nice week Jeff!

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