Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekly Log 18-May to 24-May-2015: Warner Trail and NSEF

Monday: 0

6 miles spent with minor tweaks to the Pumpkins course.

6 miles.  Warner Trail, Foxboro to Wrentham, MA.
Single-track on the Warner Trail
within F Gilbert Hills State Forest

Dam at Crocker Pond

On my way to Wrentham State Forest, decided this was just
too much water and chance of falling in the drink before starting
 my work day.  Turned around here; will have to come back on a drier day.

Not sure this picture does the terrain
justice, but this is screaming downhill
with loose rock

Thursday: 0

9 mile.  Around the pond loop.  Return run via the beach at low tide was awesome!

7 miles.  NSEF 5K.  North Stonington, CT.  18:10.  2nd place of 127.  Full results here.

I have some history here, dating back to when it was a 4-miler, but today was not to be a day for the Jeffs.

This course is almost all hills.  After about 1/2 mile and the first hill climb, I had moved into 3rd place.  The first guy was so far out in front I never saw him again, but the guy in 2nd was in my sights.  At the turnaround on this out-and-back course, I had caught up to about 10 yards behind him.  I quickly reeled him and passed him on a long hill climb.  From there I picked up the pace and held it to the finish line.  Splits:  5:56, 6:06, 5:39.  The pace is erratic, because the hills are.  Happy with my time.  For a cool-down, Crutch led me on some neat trails, including Bicentennial Trail and Tipping Rock.
20 miles.  Ride to and from NSEF.

35 mile group ride put on by Mike B, from Westerly to Mystic.  Chris and his friend Mike Vance joined us for the fun and coffee stop in the borough.  Pysched that fun runs start up there in 1.5 weeks.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0 miles
55 miles
29 miles.  Great week for riding.  Not so much for running, but you can't do it all.

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