Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Weekly Log 25-May to 31-May-2015: Pumpkins course finalization & Mystic Half

11 miles.  Memorial Day trail run at Arcadia with Chris, Seth, and Bob Jackman.  Fun run replete with a fall waist deep into a mud puddle, and a bushwhacking downhill run at a good clip.
5 miles.  Solo barefoot afternoon beach run.

5 mile loop early morning at Barn Island.
3 miles at Noon.  Finished measuring (GPS and wheel measure) the course for Run for the Pumpkins on 10/10 at 10am.  Very excited for this race!  Updated the course map here.  I'll add an elevation chart shortly as well.

Afternoon:  Watched the RI Freshman State Track Championships.  In the 3,000, the three top runners held together until about three laps to go, when Matthew continued to increase the gap and won the race and championship with a 9:20 (5-flat pace).

6 miles.  Found myself working in Warwick for the day, so hit the trails at Goddard Park before work, then Kent County Y on the way to shower.
5 miles back in Westerly in the evening on Champlin trails.

0.   The body said take a break.

8 miles.  Woody north trails.

5 miles.  Woody south trails.

13 miles.  1:45 pacer for inaugural Mystic Half.  Finished in a 1:44:21 with fairly consistent splits to get us there. Had a group of about a dozen, that gradually reduced with each hill climb.  Finished with just two remaining, but many (at least eight) came up to me afterwards to thank me for pacing, leading them to PRs, etc.  It was a fun time.  Passed Crutch about 3 miles in on River Road; was hoping he would hang with the group.  Kudos to Katie for a great finish; 5th female overall.

Leading a group on Old Deans Mill Road
(Photos courtesy Mike B)

With Mac Ordonio
(1 of 2 that hung with me until the end)

Post-race:  Pumpkins course. Mike B, on his birthday, came out to into the woods with me for two hours of manual labor weed-whacking trails and sawing and moving overhanging branches and small trees in the hot humid weather, while unknowingly bringing ticks home with him.  A huge thank you!
We'll go back for a final clearing in the fall, but it should be much easier with all the work we put in today.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0 miles
0 miles
62 miles.  Still trying (and failing) to find the right balance.  Last week I mixed in biking and swimming, but the running miles were pathetic.  This week just the opposite.

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  1. Great job on pacing! You had quite the pack at mile 1.5 and it did dwindle till I last saw you at mile 12 (there is a pic on FB I tagged Jana) Perfect Gazelle form!

    It is a tough balance, biking and running, you run WAY more miles than me too!! I'm wondering if it is going to be a case of alternating heavy bike week and heavy run week?