Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekly Post 6-Apr to 12-Apr-2015: Clamdigger!

Monday: 0

 5 miles. Barn Island solo AM run.  My favorite place to run in Stonington.
When I left for my trail run this morning,
Matthew said I looked liked Big Bird.
He meant it as a compliment, right?

600 yards.  Finally, a return to the pool.  Have to make this a regular habit now with nary 2 months to tri season.

5 miles.  Woody Hill trails.  My favorite place to run in Westerly.  The town extended Fallon Drive, and at the end were several town workers.  I asked them if this new section was a public road and if OK to park here whilst I run the trails.  They were friendly, confirmed it was public, and told me to have fun.  Even stopped to wave to me on my return.
Woody Hill Marsh (background) at very high water levels
Trail (foreground) completely flooded

 3 miles.  Blue Heron trails in Dedham, MA.  Upon starting running, my hamstrings were instantly in pain.  Sometimes these things go away after a mile or so, so I continued, but to no avail.  Returned back in pain with concern.

700 yards.  Intentionally took a day off from running.  Swimming is low impact, so got back in the pool.

3 miles.  Y course recon for Back Road Ramble.  Pain in leg is gone; just soreness.

3 miles.  Clamdigger 5K. Westerly Sun article.

Wasn't sure if I'd run at all, so I brought my bike down (to tour the course) as well as my running shoes.  There was a breeze down at the beach, but at least it was finally sunny and with warmer temps?  How much warmer?  It was so warm that Chris Garvin wore shorts, so I'm guessing well into the 50s.
We took over the town tourist booth for the day.
(I'll be sending a thank-you e-mail to town officials shortly.)

Start of the race.
(Pic by Don Weller)

Opted to run the 5K, so as RD I could be back before most of the runners (for much the same reason that I run the Westerly Fun Runs hard, but the Stonington Fun Runs easy).  The first mile was my best (5:42), as I was running with the wind and had my teammates to spur me on as I ducked behind FiveK and did my best to stay just behind him.  Most of the fast guys were running the 5-Miler, so once the course split at Breach Drive, I ran the rest of the race as an island.  Mile 2 split was 5:56 and Mile 3 6:04 fully into the wind.  I wish I could analyze the dependent variables and ascertain how much each of the following contributed to my slowest 3rd mile:  1) headwind, 2) lack of runners around me, and 3) race fatigue.
Finishing up the 5K.
(Photo by Jana)

A great day overall.  No one (to my knowledge) ran the wrong course this year, we had separate bib colors for the two events, a team effort from WTAC volunteers, great club participation, awesome chowder made by WHS culinary students, great participation in the kids' beach race, awesome support from the Westerly Police who continue to provide traffic logistics and lead car for our race for free, and just incredible support from the Town of Westerly who could have easily and understandably told us we were out of luck with the beach pavilion under construction, but instead offered us their tourist booth for our use, took down the winter boarding, turned on the power and water for us, and setup picnic tables and parking barriers for us.  Everyone really came together to make this a great event.  I'm really proud to be a resident of Westerly and an officer of the WTAC.

18 miles.  First ride of the season.  Since I had my bike out and didn't get to use it and the afternoon was gorgeous, I took a solo ride through Avondale, Watch Hill, Misquamicut, and Weekapaug.  Felt great!  Looking forward to both WTAC group rides and fun summer tris.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0.8 miles.
18 miles.
20 miles.  Yes, it's paltry, but on the upside, taking a few days off for pain was the right thing and I'm feeling much better now.  Also, this was my first week returning to multisports.


  1. I might have worn shorts, but it wasn't quite warm enough for the tank top.

    This was an awesome event, once again. The organization and logistics were seamless to this outsider, which is a sure sign of a well-run race. Congrats on that and on the fine performance in the 5K.

  2. Sunday was a great day! I'm already getting lots of positive feedback from the runners who made it down for the race. Nice 5k too, by the way!

  3. Congrats on the win at the Clamdigger 5k!! Very strong performance, especially running alone for most of the race. Well done on your RD job as well.

  4. Well done Jeff! I see you haven't been making it to 5 a.m. Monday spin! It was a good effort. Sorry I missed this. I had another commitment, no more or less important. And did you have on your yellow tail feathers with your yellow shirt? That may have helped the big bird look a bit.