Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weekly Log 28-Mar to 3-Apr-2016: Deficient

Not a good week at all.  Avoided writing this at all, but let's realize it for what it is, and move on:

Monday:  0
My normal rest day.

Tuesday:  7
First ever New Haven run.  In New Haven for the day only on business, I was treated to a run at lunchtime.  I figured this would be flat city running, which it was for a few blocks, but then it became a hilly (300' climb) winding road up to a park.  Pushed the pace pretty good with ~7:15 uphill and ~6:30 down.

Wednesday:  9
On business in Wellesley, MA, as I am most Wednesdays.  Blue Heron Trail loop.  One of my favorites, except the busy road section just over the Boston city line.  Fortunately that portion is short and most of this run is single-track through the woods and marshes.

Thursday:  0
Why zero on a Thursday?  Uncharacteristically very bad day at work.  I was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  Angry, upset, came home, and sulked.  This too shall pass.

Friday:  7
Very foggy April Fool's trail run at Bradford Preserve.

Saturday:  7
Had intended 14-16, overslept, got out there on roads in Misquamicut to Avondale in yet another foggy, rainy day, and just lost interest.  Not good.

Sunday:  0
Another "had intended", but this was one had a legitimate excuse.  The ground is snow-covered, and the bizarre April snow is coming down at a good clip.  Matthew and I are dressed to run and just about ready to drive for a trail run in Carolina north, when the phone rings ...

It's the phone call that every parent dreads:  "Dad, I've been in an accident.  Can you come?"  Mark was fine physically, but shaken up a bit mentally.  He can't tell either 911 or me where he physically is, and even with 911 tracking GPS off his cell phone, the car is so far down an embankment (off Route 95 in Exeter) that it takes the State Police a number of passes and half an hour before they find him.  The car had spun out of control in the snow covered highway and left the roadway.  Scary!  Between then and the next day when we see him again, the tow-truck driver/ auto shop owner will have towed vehicles from an additional ELEVEN snow-related accidents!  The car is totaled (it doesn't take much for an 11-year old car valued at about $2,500), I've missed another day of running, but Mark is fine and that puts it all in perspective about what really matters.  Hopefully I'll remember that the next time I'm whining about whatever insignificant temporary inconvenience du jour that I'm going through next.

Weekly mileage:
Run:  31

Weekly synopsis:
Yes, pretty pathetic mileage during marathon training.  The best laid plans of mice and men.  Life goes on.  Life is short.  Move forward.


  1. Wow, glad Mark is okay. I hate driving in snow. Scary!

  2. Glad Mark is OK! How terrifying. Perspective is always a good thing to aquire. It's nice to know that even uber focused and driven Jeff can lose focus and bag a run. Sometimes it's just not in the cards. Here's to you having a better week this week *cheers*.