Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weekly Log 4-Apr to 10-Apr-2016: Wild Weather Week

Monday:  5
Snow flurries on local road run.  Snow flurries in April?

Tuesday:  6
Windy, fastish road run at 6:49 pace.

Wednesday:  5
Trail run in about 6 inches of snow in April!!  Slow going, but so much fun.  Why couldn't I have had this back in winter?
Not only was it snowy,
but uncharacteristically cold
for April

People had even cross-
country skied the trails!
April, eh?

Just beautiful out in the woods

Thursday:  0
The day got away from me.

Friday:  5
Downpour.  Let's head for the trails!  Lunch run in the soaked, muddy, trails of Woody Hill, including the swollen banks of the Woody Hill Pond that made the trail calf-deep in places.  Fun!

Saturday:  19
Coastal long run with Tommy.  Really glad he invited me on this run.  It was just the confidence builder I needed, as we ran the first 14 miles sub-7 pace winding down to 6:11 pace before a short water break in Weekapaug that he had set up.  Super happy with this.

Sunday:  11
First time ever running in Carolina "North".  Matthew and I had only planned to run about 8, but we got a little lost and figured out after a while that the road we had exited onto was not Pine Hill Road as intended, but Switch Road.  It's all good.  Fun run; legs still sore from yesterday.

Weekly mileage:
Run:  51

Weekly synopsis:
The mileage this week is much closer to my expectations.  The snow and rain funs were fun.  Saturday's long run with Tommy was a needed confidence booster.

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