Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weekly Log 27-Jun to 3-Jul-2016: Triple Whammy

Saturday of this week I got a call from the doctor that the results from my blood work are in, and he wants to go over them with me:
1)  Lyme disease:  CONFIRMED.  OK, no surprise there.
2)  Anaplasmosis:  CONFIRMED.  Anna who?  Supposedly somewhat rare, another tick-borne disease.  Do I have a rash?  Yes, just in past week, why?  Sometimes that occurs when you have both of the above simultaneously. Wonderful.
3)  Babesiosis:  CONFIRMED.  Parasitic infection of red blood cells.  Good stuff.

Apparently, because of this "triple whammy", the RI Department of Health has taken an interest in me and is requiring the doc to submit write-ups on me.  Not the kind of attention I was looking for; can't we just talk about my race times and running plans?  I am told I will be on quite the cocktail of drugs, and the duration will be longer than initially intimated.  Great, for a guy that doesn't like taking any pills, plus a vile yellow liquid I have to take that has the consistency of mustard.  Oh, and absolutely no alcohol, and no Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or aspirin.  Yeah, can't imagine I will want any pain-relievers after Loon Mountain Race. 

I told the doctor he's a killjoy.  Anything else?  Yes, my liver enzymes are quite elevated and this may or may not be related to above issues, but I'll need to come back for a couple more series of blood work to set baselines.  Great, for a guy who's afraid of needles of any kind.

Monday:  0
Regular rest day.

13 miles.
Morning:  8 miles.  Best I've felt in 14 days; the drugs are working.  "Fun" hill workout with Matthew on Buckeye Brook Road, Charlestown.  1 x mile uphill, 2 x 1/2 mile uphill, 1 x mile uphill.
Evening:  5 miles.  Stonington Fun Run with Mikey, Tom, and Shara.

9 miles.
Morning:  6 miles.  Blue Heron trail.  Nearly all single-track today.
Evening:  3 miles.  Westerly Fun Runs.  Very disappointed with a 19:39, but it's a minute faster than last week, and Chris and Tom reminded me to calibrate expectations in light of recent illness.
8 miles.  Chase Hill Road moderate 4 x 1/2 mile hill repeats with Matthew.

0.6 mile Burlingame swim with Tom, Matthew, and Mikey.  Fun to swim there.  Arms tired from my lack of any upper body strength.
10 miles.  5 miles on neat Poquonnock River Boardwalk and scary Groton neighborhoods near Fitch.  Followed by 5 miles at Groton Fun Run.

33 mile group ride with Mikey, Tommy, Schon, and Duda.  Fun ride out to Boombridge, Clarks Falls, Ashaway, Bradford, and Quonnie.  Mike and I stopped at Dave's Coffee and also talked to WTAC sponsor Dave. 

7 miles.  Loon Mountain Race!  Write-up forthcoming shortly.

Weekly Totals:
0.6 miles.   
33 miles.
47 miles. 

Weekly Synopsis:
Plus:  Feeling MUCH better than last week.
Plus:  Got in 47 miles of running, plus a ride and swim!
Plus:  Loon Mountain Race was a blast!
Plus:  Topped the WTAC Strava leaderboard for elevation gain this week.  That never happens.
Plus:  First half of 2016 mileage came in at 1,151; almost dead-on for my 2016 goal of 2,315 miles.
Minus:  My illness diagnosis has expanded greatly and will require more research and blood work.  I'm a little scared about that.


  1. Krikies Jeff!!! Well you are a Type A over achiever so this comes as now surprise! Heal quickly.

  2. Dude! Quite the week, considering the diagnosis! If the CDC comes knocking, pretend you're not home...