Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weekly Log 20-Jun to 26-Jun-2016: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Actually felt worse as the week went on, but the major turning point in the battle was when the doc examined me and was very confident that I had contracted Lyme.  OK, we know what the issue is, and I'm starting to be treated for it.

Monday:  0
Regular rest day.

5.  Very achy at the Stonington Fun Runs.  Struggled to keep up.

8 miles.
Noon:  5 miles on Woody Hill trails
Evening:  3 miles at Westerly Fun Runs.  20:23?!  Not good.

5 miles.  Adams Farm, Walpole, MA.  Fun running on twisty mountain-biking trails.

4 miles on local roads.  Chest tightness and body aches throughout the run.  After this I went to see the doctor and got my presumed diagnosis of Lyme.

Saturday:  0
0 miles.  Zero energy.  My only running was vicarious running as I went up to Warwick to watch Matthew take home 3rd place with a new PR of 16:27.  I actually enjoyed being on the sidelines and watching the race; the hard part was repeatedly being asked why I wasn't running the race.

8 miles!  Ran at Barn Island with zero confidence and aches starting to subside.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0.0 miles.   
0 miles.
31 miles. 

Weekly Synopsis:
Plus:  31 miles vs. a paltry 11 miles last week.
Plus:  Aches starting to subside; on the road to recovery.
Minus:  my stamina and times are horrendous, but I know I have to take that in stride.

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