Saturday, June 25, 2016

Weekly Log 13-Jun to 19-Jun: Insufferable Heat, Illness, and Ineptitude

Chris Garvin would not like this blog title, as he would feel it way too negative.  I'll try to keep it short and balanced.

Monday:  0
Regular rest day.

Tuesday:  0
Tommy had planned a weekly workout at WHS track.  I did enjoy last week's, albeit not on a track, but telltale body chills on a warm afternoon the day before forebode an oncoming fever and illness.

0.3 miles.
St. Petersburg, FL.  After more chills and shaking on the flight down, Mark and I arrived Florida on a warm and late afternoon.    We had a busy schedule of college orientation sessions the next two days, so since we're staying beachside let's get out and enjoy it.  I got into the water with two sensations:  1) the salinity was VERY high, and 2) the water was quite warm.  I later found out the water temp was 85F!!  Back home it's a chilly 56F still.

Well, I'm out here, so let's swim.  Finished up my swim, looked around, and didn't see Mark.  Walking back to the hotel, I spied him, or rather he spied me as he's sitting at a hotel beach with his foot up, surrounded by an older couple.  This can't be good.  It turns out he had unwittingly stepped on the remains of a long fish barb, that had gone a good inch into the bottom of his foot.  Off to the pharmacy to get stuff to clean out his wound and bandage it.  An inauspicious start to the trip.

Thursday:  0
.I woke up and actually felt worse.  Fever of 101 degrees.  Off to Tampa for a long day of orientations, where the temperature quickly rises into the 90s, with heat index (or "Real Feel") of about 105 degrees.  Short walks to the car at midday just totally sap me and leave me sweating profusely, only to get back into the A/C at the all-day orientation sessions and finding myself shivering and shaking while trying to talk to people.  At last the day was over and after dinner, I was walking on campus as Mark wanted to show me where he'll be living.  At 7pm, the temperature has dropped to 90 degrees.
USF Bulls

Attractive USF campus

Remembering to keep the positive spirit:  The orientation sessions were really well organized, I'm happy for Mark, and they played "Back in Black" at the orientation dinner.

Friday:  0
Another day, another 101 degree fever.  This was after waking up in the middle of the night with my sheets and pillows just soaked (sweat, not urine).  Yeah, I guess running is out of the question today.  Got to the hotel about 7:30pm and straight to bed.

Remembering to keep the positive spirit:  The campus is very clean and attractive.

  4 miles.  Temperature has dropped to 99 degrees!  Ran on the beach for 4 miles at almost 9 pace, but had to stop and take a break at Mile 3 as I was getting weak and dehydrated.  Slow progress?

7 miles!  Temperature 98 degrees!  Happy to be back in RI, where the morning temps are in the 50s!  Ran Sammy C with Matthew, then the double-track down to North Camp, where we ran into my brother Greg out for a walk with his talks.  Good to catch up with him.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0.3 miles.   
0 miles.
11 miles. 

Weekly Synopsis:
Worst running week in a long time, but then again, the sickest I've been in a while.  With my fever gone Sunday, I kept thinking everyday would be the last day of my illness.  Unfortunately, while that went away, the next week brought new symptoms including chest constriction and a neck so stiff I could barely turn it.  Fast forward to Friday of the following week (6/24) and after a short run where my legs feel like cement, my entire body aches, I have zero energy, and I feel like someone sat on my chest, I've had enough and went to see the doctor.  After a lot of questions and examining my body, the doc is quite sure I have Lyme disease and believes he found the bite on my upper thing.  If there's a silver lining, at least I know what ails me finally and I'm on the meds to get me past this.  What a dolt for thinking it was a simple fever/virus that just needed to run its course!


  1. Was this a guest post by Mikey? Just kidding. It was an appropriate title given the tough week. Glad you went to the doctor -- I was thinking Lyme while reading the post and was happy to see the doctor agreed with my professional opinion. Hope you feel better soon and get back to your optimistic self.

  2. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine did last September...incredible what those little bastard ticks can do. Hopefully the diagnosis by Dr. Garvin (and the other guy)is correct, and a round of Doxycycline will do the trick!

  3. Well that sucks. You mean your upper thigh? Otherwise TMI... Hope you are on the road to recovery and stay out of the sun while on the Doxy.

  4. Yes, based on my experience, I'd say upper thigh. Mine was right between my two upper thighs, if you know what I mean.

    1. Oh, yes, upper THIGH, not upper THING!! Looks like my proof-reading editor fell down on the job. Beth, trying to stay out of the sun indeed, so no beach for a little while and any running is better on the shaded trail than sunny road.

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    3. OMG you guys are cracking me up!!! Mikey B assured me it was on your, ahem, thing, and I really didn't want any further details. Yet, like a gawker at a car accident, I had to come back and check and see if there was a reply. Ah thanks for the giggle and the gawfaw it's been a while since I laughed so hard my ears popped! You guys know how to cheer a girl up. Keep up the good work...