Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekly Log 30-May to 5-Jun-2016: Start of Tri Season

With next to nothing swim and bike training, it's time to start up the tri season.  First up is Mystic Tri.  I'm signed up for Fat Clam in Coventry on July 23 and will be in for my favorite tri, Block Island on August 6.  Other possibilities include Oh My Goddard (Warwick, June), Niantic (August), and OCY (September).

6 miles. Memorial Day trail run in the rain with Tommy and Mikey. Seriously!  Ran the new Back Road Ramble course, and tacked on another mile.

Tuesday:  0

5 miles.  Needham track.  Have not done any speedwork in months, so I thought I would set a base.  1 x 800 (2:49), 2 x 400 (83, 81).  It's not pretty, but you have to start somewhere.

Early on in my 800, there was an elderly couple walking and blocking Lane 1 from my running.  I was about to yell "TRACK!" but at the last second thought better of it.  By the next and all subsequent laps, they were in lanes 2 and 3.  I decided to take a different tack, and after I finished, during my cooldown I slowed to a walk next to them and thanked them for their courtesy to move out of Lane 1.  The husband said he had just celebrated his 83rd birthday and the wife said she was  impressed with my speed and asked me about my running.  To think I had even contemplated yelling at this nice couple!  What a jerk.

22 mile ride with Tom T.  My co-worker picked an interesting route out to Dunn's Corners, Bradford, Ashaway, and back Boom Bridge Road.  As a former Westerly Police captain, you could tell me was concerned with road safety (mirror, flashing lights, etc).

500 yard solo swim at Mystic Y.  First open swim of the year.  Again, have to start somewhere.  Gave me enough confidence that I can get through Mystic Tri.

 5 humid miles at Bradford Preserve.
Followed up the trail run
with trail course marking.
 XC course is fully marked!

Check out this box turtle hiding in the field.

0.6 miles.  Mystic Tri.  Write-up to follow.
12 miles.
4 miles.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0.9 miles.   
36 miles.
21 miles. 

Weekly Synopsis:
Fun to get out there at a tri, even in the light rain.  As always, need to find the right balance between my dominant sport of running and some tri training.

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