Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mystic Tri 2016

With near zero bike and swim training to date this year, jumped into the Mystic Tri as a training tri.  A short summary of highlights ensues:
Transition area
(Pic by Matthew )

Swim:  1/2 mile, 20:41, 69 out of 106. 

My only objective was to get into a groove and comfortably finish the swim.  As I approached several odd telephone poles in the water, I remembered a recent conversation with Tom Beattie (husband of WLT president, and past triathlete and marathoner) in which he told me about one Mystic tri where he swam head-first smack into one of these poles and momentarily sank.  Ouch!  I was extra sensitive with additional sightings anywhere near any of these.

The only memorable moment in the swim was early on colliding into another swimmer.  Nothing odd in a collision itself; that happens multiple times most tris.  What was unusual on this one was that I hit the swimmer broadside (i.e., perpendicular to me).  I looked up and saw he just plain swimming completely off course at a 90-degree angle to the straightest route.  Someone doing much worse than even me.

The swim is over!  It can only get better from here.
(Pic courtesy of Tommy 5K)
Bike:  14.4 mile, 45:33, average speed 18.4 mph, 38 out of 105.

After a horrendous T1 in which I couldn't seem to get it together and actually my chip came completely off my leg for the first time ever, it was time to get into the saddle.  It was light raining most of the ride, and I was slowly gaining on and passing riders ahead of me (remember, I was coming off a back of the pack swim).  Most memorable moment on the bike was after passing about a dozen cyclists, I myself was passed.  OK, not only passed, but "chicked".  OK, not only chicked, but as she went by me, I looked at her age marked on her leg.  62!!!
Off to the run!
(Pic by Matthew )

Run:  3 miles (actually, a little shorter), 18:24, 2nd overall!

Finally, I was in my element!  Gazelles were built to run.  Not sure about crossing water or those 2-wheeled things.  I was tying my shoelaces in T2 when someone ran by yelling, "Next time wear speed laces!".  Took off on the course and quickly caught up to him.  Was tempted to explain to him that I have them at home, but didn't bother bringing them because I'm using this as a training tri as opposed to an all out race, but what's the point?  Steadily passed runners headed down Mason's Island.  Saw Schonning on his way back, and Tim Lebling towards the turnaround.  Passed Timmy, but didn't have enough runway to catch Schonning.  Happy to see him finish well.  Splits 6:16, 6:26, 6:03.

Overall:  1:27:28, 32nd overall, 5th in age group.

Overall, happy with my inaugural tri of the year, and gave me confidence going into the season.


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    1. Thanks Crutch! Not on the same plane as your recent adventures, but it was a fun day.