Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekly Log 6-Jun to 12-Jun-2016

Getting myself behind again in blog write-ups. Regular updates make it easier; let's see if I can get back to that:

Monday:  0

7 miles.  Fun workout that Tommy 5K put together for Shara, Mike B, and I.  This one was a set of 8 x 400ish on Fenway to Wawaloam (Weekapaug), preceded and followed by a couple miles easy on the road, with an optional dip in the ocean for dessert.

Started out slowly on the first two, but gradually picked up the pace.  Tommy and I ended up being the only brave (stupid?) souls to go in the water, but it was quick.

8 miles.
AM:  5 miles at Hale Reservation (MA).  Had only run once here before, but in a different area.  With advice from a MA-based colleague and trail rider and an electronic trail map, I set off anew. 
Nice views

Fun trails

PM:  3 miles.  Westerly Fun Runs Week #1.  Jonny H took off with a great run, and I didn't see him after the long Crandall stretch.  Jonny E hung on my shoulder for 2.5 miles.  For some reason, I find it annoying when runners follow me so closely.  It's a Fun Run; if you want to run my pace, come up and run with me, otherwise back off and give me a little room, or go ahead of me.  Just my thoughts; too harsh?  I felt like I put in a hard effort, but only came up with an 18:46.  Splits 5:44, 5:58, 5:48.

6 mile run at Woody Hill.  Ran from Wahaneeta, brought a bow saw to take care of some small obstructions just past the Swamp Bypass Trail.  Ran into Muddy and ran with him to show him the monument.

6 miles, including a portion along the beach at sunrise.

  31 mile ride with Mike out to Chariho.  Passed on the larger group ride as I needed to get out to New Britain, CT and watch Matthew take 1st in his heat and 11th overall in the 3,200 meter at New England Outdoor Track Championships in 9:23!

11 miles.  Back Road Ramble.  Abbreviated write-up to follow.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0 miles.   
31 miles.
37 miles. 

Weekly Synopsis:
Decent running week, culminating with BRR.  Looking forward to more group rides.

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