Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Weekly Log 12-Sep to 18-Sep: 50 Miles of Trails!

Nice to have a week free from racing for a change.

Monday:  0
Especially wanted a day off after Surftown Half.

Tuesday:  11
AM:  5 miles in Champlin.  Despite being "in my backyard", haven't been in here in a while.  Even a year after the preserve reopened after clearing of trees, it seems much too open to me and clear-cut in places.
PM:  6 miles in Grills, before the Westerly side closes at the end of the month.  :(   Ran from the Hopkinton side to Westerly, crossing the river at Polly Coon bridge, and then a loop CCW before returning to Hopkinton.  Hadn't been here in a while either, and really enjoyed the challenging, hilly, technical section from Polly Coon to the bridge re-entering the main trails on Hopkinton side.  I think that's my favorite trail in this combined system.

Wednesday:  9
First time back to the Blue Heron Trail loop in a while.  First mile unpleasant due to summer overgrowth.  The second mile just OK as you're on streets crossing the Charles River into Boston proper.  The rest of the run is mostly single-track and fun.

Two oddities, both women:  Deep in the woods on a single-track trail, I had to pass a woman walking.  Said "On your left" to no avail, as she moved to my left and blocked my way.  Jumped through bushes on her right to go around her, as she was completely absorbed in whatever she was listening to.  Do you really want to be in the woods where you are totally clueless of your surroundings?  Second woman was on a busier section of trail, but in a business suit?  Figured she would at least be in sneakers, but no, she had open toed dress shoes!  On a trail?!

Thursday:  5
Back to the Barn!  Nearly entirely on twisty single-track.  Fun!

Friday:  5
Not sure what possessed me to park and run from Fallon Trail, but I ran the southern part of Woody Hill.  Most of the trails are runnable, but clear exceptions (that I ran anyway of course!) are the single-track down to Robin Hills, and the short section of the Stone Fort Loop just beyond the old nearby well.  Came out really scraped up.

Saturday:  12
Morning:  9 miles of trails in Woody with Jeff H.  He's become my partner in crime for setting up course marking for the WHS XC course, which we did prior to the team practice, then went out on a clockwise loop with visits to the highlights:  the rock cliff northeast of the marsh, the marsh itself (really low waterline), the stone fort, Wahaneeta, etc.  Fun run.  Came back as the team was on their 2nd of 3 timed course loops. 
Evening:  3 miles.  Ran up to the field to mow the trail portion, but also no gas in the mower.

Sunday:  9
A day of firsts, with my first ever visit to the main UConn campus at Storrs, followed up by first ever visit to Natchaug State Forest.  Ran 7 miles out and back on the Natchaug Trail.  Technical, hilly, and fun!  I was ready to be done at 5 miles, but Matthew convinced me to trek on.  Tough and steep hill climbs on the return.
Added two miles in the evening to finally finish mowing the field, before tomorrow's first ever meet on the new course.  Exciting.  Unfortunately, I didn't plan well as I didn't bring a flashlight or headlamp and finished up mowing in the dark.  That wasn't so much the problem as the next mile of single-track through the woods.  Need to start bringing a headlamp if I'm on trails into the evening, as the sun keeps setting earlier (about the only thing I DON'T like about fall).
Cool, historic fireplace from the 1800s,
at the start of our run.
Remains of the birthplace of the birthplace of General Nathaniel Lyon,
the first Union General killed in the Civil War.

Poor quality picture,
but it gives you a sense of how technical
parts of the trail are.

Weekly mileage total:  52

Weekly synopsis:  Really fun week of trail running in seven different trail systems in three different states!  In fact, every single one of my runs this week was a trail run!  Don't know if I've even done that before, but I certainly enjoyed it!
Next week I'll be running the Ocean State XC Invitational open race with Tom.  We race at Goddard first thing Saturday morning, and Matthew will be racing later that morning.



  1. Good week of running. But stop scaring the womenfolk!

  2. Grills is closing? Or did I read that wrong?

    The dress shoes I can reate to, there used to be a little trail on campus I'd use to walk to my office from the parking lot, for a few years it was actually the only part of my day I enjoyed, those 5 minutes in the 'woods'. Sometimes you just have to escape.