Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekly Log 5-Sep to 11-Sep-2016

Weekly blog posts caught up!  Let's keep it that way.

Monday:  8
Labor Day with FiveK and Matthew.  From Wood River Junction, out roads to Carter Preserve, ran power lines trail, and one loop CW on Grassland Mile.  Freshly cut logs intentionally blocking the trail about 1/2 way out on Grassland Mile.  Hope these will be either cleared up or detoured around; otherwise, no way to challenge the Strava segments in either direction.
Plan was to run NST north to Pine Hill Road and back, but I way underestimated the distance to get out to Carter and back, so we just a mile or so in either direction on NST and turned around.

Tuesday:  6
Carried a sledgehammer across Bradford Preserve field in pouring rain remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine.  Banged in a 3' steel stake demarcating start of WHS XC course, and then hit the trails.  Soaked and fun as I splashed through puddles.

Wednesday:  5
The not so good run in Needham, MA.  Tight calves, tight hamstrings, overgrown trails with brambles, flooded out trails, and bloody nipples.  I thing that about covers it.  What a whiner!

Thursday:  3
Back to Bradford Preserve to get a good GPS baseline to map course, including elevation chart.
Map here

Friday:  10
Multiple visits to Bradford Preserve, including running to/from a final mowing at Noon on upper field, marking the course, leading the WHS XC boys and girls team on their inaugural run on the new course, and then unflagging the course at end.
Most of the runners near me in lead pack expressed that they liked the course, but I heard one girl say "I hate this" while climbing up the initial hill shared with Pumpkins course, and a boy later told the coach he didn't like the course one bit.  The coach said he loved the course, and asked why the boy and girl didn't.  The boy said the trail was uneven and the girls said there were sticks on the trail.  Sticks?  On a trail?  Heaven forbid!  Gathered they don't run trails much.  Can't please everyone!
Thanks much to Jeff Huckle and Schane Tallardy for helping with the marking and signage.

Saturday:  6
Ran from WHS at Matthew's XC practice.  Springbrook loop.  Very hot and humid.

Sunday:  15
Surftown Half in oppressively humid conditions.  Brief separate write-up to follow.

Weekly mileage total:  53

Weekly synopsis:  Highest weekly mileage since running in Iceland in July.  The temps and humidity are finally forecast to drop significantly this coming week.  I have no major races at all on the calendar.  Would like to see a sustained cooler period before committing to any further.

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