Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Weekly Log 26-Feb to 4-Mar-2018

Monday:  6
Morning road run on local roads, including rolling hills on Moonlight, Urso, Links Passage, etc.  Was running on Wildflower when a pickup truck passed and then slowed to a stop and put the window down.  Uh-oh.  What's next?  Asking for directions?  Yelling "Run, Forrest, Run"?  No, it's Kenny Shardlow working in the area and catching up.  Will see him at Belleville on Sunday.  Nice way to wind down the run.  Not as fun as trails, but good to mix it up once in a while.  Average 6:57 pace.

Tuesday:  5
Slept in too late, and my only chance for running was neighborhood roads before going to eight hours of meetings.  Turning onto Ice Pond Road, I saw the most amount of turkeys together at a single time in my life.  At least 40.  And they were mighty unhappy that I was there.  Hissed and gobbled at me, while fanning their tail feathers.  They looked like they were ready to attack me.  Nasty birds.  Was happy to be past them and continue to the beach.

Wednesday:  5
Burlingame campground sunrise run.  Fun solo run, mostly on the Brrr-lingame course.  Wanted to go longer, but had to give opening remarks before today's work training session, so finished up quickly before heading to the Westerly Education Center.

Thursday:  8
3 out of 4 days this week on roads, thus far.  Very unusual for me, but I had hard time stops to get ready and setup for training sessions each day, so I was reticent to risk being away on the trails.  Ran a progression 7-mile 'round the pond run, starting at 7:40 pace and progressing down to 5:50 for the last mile.  Was really winded when finished.  Need to incorporate any kind of speedwork more often.

Friday:  5
A major nor'easter hit New England today.  It was warm at 42 degrees, so unfortunately no snow.   But the wind was howling it was raining sideways.  The roads would be miserable, so I went to Wahaneeta to run.  Pretty much instantly soaked as I had expected.  Made sure to liberally apply BodyGlide, and I was fine.  Never saw a soul out there, but when I finished up, I was surprised and impressed to see WLT president Sheilia's vehicle in the parking lot, meaning she was out there running in the monsoon as well.

Saturday:  0
Went up to Boston to see Matthew's final high school indoor track race.  The 4 x 800 team did well and lowered their time to 8:13, with Matthew anchoring and clocking the fastest of his team's times at 2:01.

Sunday:  10
Spectated at Ocean's Run and ran a very short distance of the race with Tommy, before heading up to Ryan Park for the Belleville Pond 10K.  Write-up to follow.

Weekly mileage:  41

Weekly synopsis:   While not anything to write home about, that's the most mileage I've run since December.  A good week in all.

Weekly highlight:  Belleville Pond 10K.  A brief catch-up with Tommy on his half marathon tune up was second.

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