Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekly Log 1-Sep to 7-Sep-2014: No work, and all play!

Being out of work now, I guess I have no excuse not to keep my blog up to date, and spruced up, so here goes.

Big race decisions to make this week:  1) should I run Pisgah, and if so, what distance, and 2) should I run Boston 2015 (registration opens Monday for those who beat their qualifying time by 20+ minutes).

Monday:  14
Labor Day.  Matthew planned out a route into Weekapaug, 5 miles on the beach up to Watch Hill, and back on roads.  Jonny Eckel joined us as well.  Good Surftown training for Matthew.

Tuesday:  13
I don't know which was weirder:  last Friday leaving Fidelity for the final time, or this morning when everyone had somewhere to go but me (Jana off to work at the Y, and the boys off to school).  Trying to stay busy and productive, I signed up with the Westerly Land Trust's Coffee & Clearing Crew to work the morning at Wahaneeta.  Some folks were working on cabin repairs; I was on a trail maintenance crew.  They gave me a huge weed whacker, except where my personal one has plastic filament, this one has spinning steel blades.  Cool and dangerous at the same time!
- 5.5 miles running on trails in Wahaneeta and Woody before my volunteer work.
- 7.5 miles running on the beach afterwards.  Very hot; multiple dips in the ocean at end of run.

Wednesday:  21
- 14 mile solo run out Weekapaug Sand Trail to Quonnie Breachway in Charlestown, back along the beach as far as Misquamicut before turning home.  Was glad the water fountains still turned on in Weekapaug and Misquamicut, as it was another hot day.  About 6 miles total running on the beach at low tide.  Loved it!
- 7 miles with Crutch in Grills.  He came over to take care of some WTAC membership business and pick up his new WTAC garb.  Started on the Westerly side at Bradford, but ended up running most of the time on Hopkinton Land Trust portion.  Got some good hills in there.  Got sidetracked a few times on an unmarked trail along the river, but made it out just fine.

Thursday:  16
- 11 mile solo run in Barn Island.  Ran the trails I know and love.
Welcome to another trail season!
(I know you guys just love these pics!)
So who is going to vie with me this year for
the blood and mud awards?  Beth?

- 22 mile ride.  After coming home and making some job search calls, the house was still empty, so decided to go out for a mid-day ride to Quonnie.  On the way back, stopped in at Dave's Coffee and had a good chat with the owner about upcoming Li'l Rhody (he ran it last year).
Central Beach, Quonochontaug
Along today's ride.  Yeah, I'm really missing the concrete jungles of Boston.

- 5 miler run.  Late afternoon after a few more job search related items taken care of, the beautiful sunny day was calling me to the beach.  Ran 5 miles from Town Beach, barefoot through the waves.  Great fun.  Not as fun a day as Mike B was having at work, but still great fun.  Finished up with a dive into the ocean and hanging out until I had cooled off.  What a day!

Friday:  12
- 9.5 mile morning run in Arcadia w/Crutch.  He was nice enough to drive and plan out the route.  I was a cheap date and got away with just providing drinks.  I don't know the trails at all, but it was a nice mix of soft pine needle cover, some double track surface roads, and a number of tiring climbs in the increasing heat and humidity, including Penny Hill.  The highlight of the run:  with about a mile to go, we stopped and submerged in a small swimming hole in a running river.  Awesomeness!
This swimming hole really hit the spot!
(Photo by Crutch)
- 2.5 mile afternoon wind-down from WHS, while waiting for Matthew's X-C practice to finish.

Saturday:  17
Brutally oppressive humidity on this run with Mike B.  Ran from the Y on the Boombridge loop, except Mike had a Juniper Drive memory reunion loop added on for us.  By this point, we were both soaked and dripping wet.  Fortunately he had a $5 spot, which we redeemed at an Ashaway gas station for Gatorade.  Drank the 20 oz and kept on trucking.  May I add that the Potter Hill climb is especially enjoyable in the heat and humidity?  Highly suggest it.
Refueled at the Y and added a few more miles of suffering before calling it a day and heading north to Burrillville for this gem:

Matthew (in white / navy blue) sandwiched between Hendricken runners at
his first ever high school X-C meet:
RI Injury Fund, 4.1K Freshman Race
(8th out of 189 runners here about midway)

Apparently he said good-bye to the Hendricken runners along the way,
as he's coming into the finish to place 3rd statewide
14:48, average 5:49 pace
Results here

Sunday:  10
Tried to push the pace a little faster on this one (average 6:41).  For some reason, though, my legs weren't feeling very fresh.  Nice that the humidity is finally starting to go away.

Weekly mileage totals:
Run:  102!!  (by far my biggest mileage week ever; previously 81)
Ride:  22


  1. The pic with the bloody leg – looks like huff just behind you
    Are you a CENTAUR ? – Half human half gazelle ?
    cover up next time

  2. Awesome week Jeff! Jealous. If you are going to be out of work, September is certainly the best time of year around here for it. Please do me one favor and call Thursday's Barn Island run that GPS measured as 11.4 miles at the very least 12 miles :). Thanks!

  3. NICE!!! I better hit the trails to keep up with you!!! Was it a good fall? Sigh... So the "Fall of Jeff" does work...Great week and enjoy your time. You've earned it.

  4. Holy crap, Jeff! You might as well go for 100mi this week! Glad you're making the most of your time off from work. Carpe unemploymentium!
    Good luck with the job search.

  5. Unbelievable week. Glad I was able to provide some shaky guidework!!!

  6. Awesome job hitting 100 miles but what you and Crutch do on your Arcadia dates is your business.

    Excellent performance by Matthew coming in 3rd!