Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekly Log 25-Aug to 31-Aug-2014: including Schonning 5K

Monday:  zilch

Tuesday:  3
Afternoon barefoot run circumnavigating Napatree peninsula.  Beth is much smarter than me and knew that the point is all rocks; I did not know or not remember this and paid the price skipping amongst the rocks.  The run back ocean-side was amesome.

Wednesday:  8
Back to school run.  Easy pace around the pond with a tiny bit on the beach.

Thursday:  3
Easy early morning loop.

Friday:  5 - Schonning 5K
Will miss the pacifying view from my
desk of Boston Harbor
Stepping off Amtrak (Kingston)
 from my final Fidelity commute. 
Weird feeling.
Started off the day with a mix of emotions, as today was my last day of my 13-year career at Fidelity, having declined to move with my job to North Carolina the previous fall and having exhausted my extensions.

Schonning 5K:  `Good WTAC showing for the 17th running of this event, but missing the usual cohorts of Puddin', Critchlery, and a Hammett contingency.  Warmed up with FiveK, Shara, B, Matthew, and Chris Garvey Garwin Garcia Garmin (what is that guy's last name, anyway, and why is it so often misspelled?).
Start of the 2014 Schonning 5K
 Took the start and was thrilled SNERRO started at the right line this year!  Chris took off with FiveK in tow.  I was in a distant third with two teens (JT and Matthew) nipping at my heels.  JT caught up with me at Mile 1 finish (5:39) and ran even with me for a little while before passing me early in Mile 2.  I could hear Matthew right behind me next.  Saw Chris and Tommy at the turn-around (they really should do away with this), and then the next 5-6 people or so behind me. 

I passed through Mile 2 in a pedestrian 6:07.  Despite the slow-down, I was gaining on JT and soon running next to him again.  After the race, JT would tell me he was envisioning that he would be running close to me on the final finish and then try to out-kick me at the end.  I smiled, told him I was fearful of that, and here about Mile 2.5 I sped up the pace to maybe 5:30s to see if he would hang.  He dropped enough that I could continue the fast pace and despite whatever sprint/kick he had, I finished a good ten seconds ahead of him.

Final steps before the finish
Chris had an awesome run breaking the course record in 16:21.  While I saw the 17's ticking away on the clock, I was still only feeling maybe 90% from Rhode Warrior and was happy with an 18:05.  My days finishing ahead of JT and Matthew are numbered.

Final results:  18:05, 5:49 pace.  3rd of 131 finishers. 1st in age group. Full results here.

Saturday:  21 (20.5 actually, to give credit to Mike B running circles 'round Y lot to get full 21)
Mike B planned this one out from the Y with a loop through Greenhaven and back, and then a loop down to Misquamicut and back.  Despite the Rhode Warrior 6 days earlier and a race just 12 hours earlier, I was feeling energetic and good on this run.  Congrats to Shara, Mike B, and I think FiveK for running their longest runs ever, and thanks to Chris for coming along for the second half of the run and providing extra morale. 

Sunday:  5
Biked 35 in the morning with Chris and Mike B.  Chris had a great route picked out for on roads I had never ridden through Exeter and possibly NK.  A stop at a coffee shop in Peace Dale hit the spot, as did cinnamon coffee rolls Katie had waiting for us upon our return.

Afternoon trail run with Matthew at Grills course.  Very humid.  Hopefully he gets a cooler drier day for his first high school race there in two weeks.

Weekly totals:
Run:  45
Bike:  35

Thus endeth August.  Even with time off with my hernia surgery in the spring, I am about 190 miles ahead of my 2,000 mile 2014 target (on a pro-rated basis).  Surftown in 2 weeks, followed by a final long run that I need to figure out, and Hartford in 6 weeks.


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  1. I was SO tempted to attempt a barefoot run on your course on Napatree this weekend, I didn't, life kinda got in the way. I'll check the low tide charts to ensure that I have the best conditions if I attempt this. Ok when... I'm not about to attempt your paces, just your courses.

    You guys are way smarter on how you bike. I don't factor in a coffee shop (well doughnut for me I don't touch coffee, not enough chemicals or fizz in it for me) stop I only pedal...

    I can't even imagine your last day. Best wishes.