Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekly Log 8-Sep to 14-Sep-2014

Once again, my blog postings have become quite delayed, despite my new-found life of leisure.  Thanks, Beth, for the less than subtle reminder!

OK, coming into the Surftown week now, perhaps I should run a bit less than the 102 miles I put in last week.  Not because I'm feeling any ailments, fortunately, just good sense to taper a bit.

Monday:  0
Complete rest day.

Tuesday:  11
- 6 mile AM run sans humidity through Moonlight / Urso hills.
- 5 mile PM run in Narragansett before Mark's game.  Ran the Crooked Brook Trail off Kenny Ave (Blessing course) and then along the seawall past the Coast Guard house.  I always like running in different locales.

Wednesday:  14
- 9 mile AM workout at CCMS track with Jonny and Galoob.  I do almost no speedwork.  It's "good" for you, right?  Today's workout was 8 x 800 at a target goal for me of 2:50.  Not exactly, but not too far off:  2:50, 2:59, 2:55, 2:53, 2:50, 2:52, 2:57, 2:51 .  Was really tired by the 7th; the 8th and final was just a hold on and finish effort.
- 5 mile midday beach run with Crutch.

Thursday:  9
Solo run in Wahaneeta and Woody Hill.  One of my favorite places.  I know the area quite well now, it's close to home, and at possibly the largest tract of land in Westerly, I just love the solitude you can find.
Happy New Toy -
may you see many trail runs

The "Gazelle Path" through
south part of Woody Hill may
need some clearing -
you can see the trail through
here, right?

Mankind at its worst -
Visitors to the stone fort had been keeping the place clean, but
obviously the last visitors thought they were above this

Woody Hill Pond at about the lowest I've seen it
(photo taken from a spot usually underwater)

Friday:  4

Start of the 2014 Charlie Stravros Beach Run
(photo by Jana)

I think this strategic "lean"
around the cone saved me a
valuable 0.001 miles over the
course and shaved entire fractions
of a second off my time

Coming in for the turn-around in Weekapaug,
just seconds ahead of Matthew
(photo by Beth - thanks!)

In my element - finishing up on the beach with a smile
17:26 - full results here
(photo by Jana)

Post - race pizza and goodies on the pavilion

Beautiful sunset over Atlantic Ave
caps out a great night and summer run series

Saturday:  5
In a senior moment, about a mile into my run I was wondering why my watched hadn't vibrated, until I looked at it and saw I never pressed "Start".  Well, that might have something to do with it!

The "Shovel Tree" on
Fun Run course
Running in Misquamicut along Maplewood Ave, I passed the shovel tree, where I have always wanted to talk to whoever puts it up each year.  Does that mean I'm becoming less introverted in my senior years?  Anyway, a man is in the yard, and I approach him and ask if he's the owner (so many in this area are just seasonal renters).  We get talking.  It turns out the owner is a former runner, and starts asking me about my pace and races.  He said he's seen our Fun Runs go past his house, and misses his running days.  Interesting trivia is that all the shovels and pails on the tree were all what he collected on the beach as discarded - what a great 2nd home for them!

Sunday:  17
Surftown Half Marathon.  Separate race report coming shortly.

Weekly mileage totals:
Run:  60

60 previously would have been a very high mileage week.  I guess it probably still is overall, but seemed much lighter after last week's triple-digit week.  Anyhow, Surftown is down, Pisgah is up next week, and that will make 3 weeks out to Hartford.  Let's hope this cooler less humid weather prevails!

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