Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekly Log 22-Sep to 28-Sep-2014: Vacation End

As my 4-week work hiatus comes to an end, it's time to turn the calendar to Fall.  Next up:  Hartford Marathon (photo above is after I just finished the 2012 Hartford Marathon [3:12]).

Monday:  0
Complete rest day after Pisgah.

Tuesday:  13
- Morning 8 mile 'round the pond run.
- Late morning Westerly Land Trust volunteering.  My assignment today was to clear the entire red trail in Riverwood.  It was fairly overgrown, but should be quite clear now.  Got kudos from WLT.  Any complaints? - Grab your shears and trimmer.
- Afternoon 5 mile Misquamicut run.

Wednesday: 13
- Morning 8 miles out to Watch Hill on roads, and back on the beach.  Awesome weather now with the humidity down.
- Afternoon 5 miles barefoot on the beach at low tide.  One of my favorite runs.

Thursday: 10
Started in the rain; ended up windy but drier.  7:30s pace.

Friday: 16
Running trifecta, plus some kayaking:
- 6 mile morning hospital run.
- Afternoon kayaking from Barn Island.
Tommy and his Dad Steve set me up well with kayak
and roof connectors.  I think Steve should open a business
out of his house renting out his sons' recreational
equipment:  kayaks, bikes, convertible sports cars,
who knows what else is there.  Could be lucrative.

Paddling into Sandy Point
for a quick break and

... and back to Barn Island.  Awesome day, thanks much
to Tom for use of his kayak.

- 5 mile Barn Island run.  As long as I'm already there, it's one of my favorite places.
- 5 mile evening beach run to round out the day.  People grilling on the beach in warm weather.

Saturday:  4
Morning went to watch Matthew at Ocean State X-C Invitational in Goddard Park, Warwick.  He ran a 5:48 pace to take 5th of 159 and 1st Rhode Islander in the freshman race.

Afternoon went with Jana to run Grills.  Highlight was on the way back we spied a 3' long black snake crossing the trail.  I tried to take a picture, but the snake was too quick.  (Jana's scream didn't help.)  Wish Mike B the snake-lover had been there.

Sunday:  5
- Morning 29 mile bike ride with Mike B.  Really warm late September weather.  Coastal ride through Westerly and Charlestown, before a stop at Dave's Coffee.
- Afternoon barefoot low-tide beach run.  Just can't get enough of these, as I know the season is sunsetting.  Beach was actually packed in places, especially Misquamicut, with temps in the mid-70s.  Took a dip after the run.  Water was so warm; didn't want to get out.  Perfect ending to the weekend.

Weekly mileage totals:
Run: 61
Bike:  29

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