Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekly Log 14-Sep to 20-Sep-2015: New MA trails & Stavros Beach Race

Working in MA 4 days this week, 3 in downtown Boston, proved to be an obstacle to running.

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  0
Couldn't will myself out of bed for a 4:30am run.

Wednesday:  5
4:45 run.  Got to do it if I want to make my 6am train.  How did I ever do this before?  Once I got going, I was fine and rather enjoyed the 58 degree run under the starry canvas above me.

Thursday:  9
Morning:  6 miles in Noanet Woodland, Dover, MA.  Stumbled on this rather by accident due to a traffic detour off I-95.

Fun stream crossing in Noanet

Evening:  Annual Charlie Stavros Memorial On the Beach Run.  3rd in 17:39, behind Matthew in a course-record-tying 16:20 and Tom in 17:17. 

We had a good turnout of 57 this evening for our end of summer hurrah.  This included a large contingent of boys XC runners.  At the starting gun, most of the  XC team sprinted out ahead of me and I was in about 15th place or so.  I knew I wouldn't be catching Matthew, but I thought I had a decent shot at the rest of the them.  Sure enough, I reeled them in one by one until about a mile in I passed my last competitor, leaving only Tommy and Matthew in front of me.  At the turnaround in Weekapaug, I could see Matthew and Tommy ahead of me, but not for long.  See all the oncoming runners kept my mind occupied for a while, and looking up I could see Tommy a ways ahead of me and just silhouettes way ahead on the beach, likely one of them being Matthew.  Crossed the line in a very satisfying 17:39, although I probably could have shaved off a few more seconds if I were being chased.  Splits:  5:46, 5:56, 6:03 (slight headwind on return).  Always a fun event.  Full results here.
After the obligatory annual waterstop joke,
we're off!
(Photos by Jana)

Gazellin' it home on one of my favorite terrains
at one of my favorite races.
It's bittersweet for me, as it means the summer has come to an end.

Friday:  6
Fun trail run in Wahaneeta and Woody.  Looking forward to many cool weather fall trail runs.

27-mile ride with Tommy 5K.  Up to Bradford, back Klondike through Charlestown and OCY course through Misquamicut and Watch Hill.

Sunday: 6
6 run, plus 14 ride in OCY Duathlon.  Write-up to follow.

Weekly mileage totals:
Run:  26
Ride:  41

Most paltry running mileage since April.  Chalk it up to working in MA four days, plus the OCY Duathlon, but it's always easy to find excuses. Traveling on vacation next week, so I'll be seeking out fun running.

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