Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekly Log 7-Sep to 13-Sep-2015

I was reminded several times in the past few days how behind my blog has become, thus let me try to get at least a little more caught up to date:

Monday:  5
Started off Labor Day with a 39-mile ride with friends Tommy and Mike B.  Today was my pick, and I decided to try something different with a start at Ninigret, ride out to Matunuck via Matunuck Schoolhouse Road, then a nostalgic trek up to my teenage homelands in Richmond.  Capped off the morning with conversation and a coffee at Dave's before hitting the beach with Jana for likely the last time of the year.  :(

Evening run with Matthew.  In the humidity, neither of us had much energy or creativity as we wandered streets of Watch Hill until the watch read 5 miles.

Tuesday: 9
Seven mile sopping humidity run through Moonlight hills. 
Lunch failed run; just too hot and humid.

Wednesday:  6
Lunchtime run in the baking sun and heat.  Out through White Rock and back through North End before a cold shower at the Y and a return to work. Tiring of the heat and humidity.

Thursday:  6
Abbreviated track workout in Needham, MA.  Too hot and humid, yes, even at 6:30am.  1 x mile (5:34), 2 x 800 (2:40, 2:51), 2 x 400 (78, 75).

Friday:  8
Evening run with FiveK on the trails.  Yes, you read that right!  He had been asking me for a while to sample the new Pumpkins course, so we ran that and tacked on a few more in Woody Hill.

Saturday:  0
Complete rest before the big day.

Sunday:  15
Surftown Half Marathon.  Already belated race report is forthcoming.

Weekly mileage:
Run:  50  I'm really happy with any mileage week north of 45.
Ride:  39


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