Monday, September 28, 2015

OCY Duathlon

Westerly, RI
Sunday, September 20, 2015

This was the 10th annual edition of the OCY Triathlon.  Last year they added the duathlon, and while I was away racing Pisgah 23K, it certainly piqued my interest.  While I've run the now defunct Shoreline Biathlon before, this was my inaugural run in the duathlon format:

  • Run (3 miles in this case)
  • Bike (14 miles)
  • Run (3 miles)

My primary impetus for opting for the Du instead of the Tri was to prepare for the RI Duathlon which I'm running next month.  My harrowing swim experience at the Rhode Warrior only cemented my decision.

Run #1:  To my chagrin, there were only 13 in the starting line!  Felt more like a group run.  Talking with Matthew earlier and debating target pace, I opted for a 6-flat target.  A guy in a light blue suit took off to lead the pack.  Didn't think I would catch him as he looked pretty steady, but keeping close to my 6-flat target I reeled him in about the 1-mile mark.  Gauging my comfort versus his, I was relieved to hear him breathing much harder than me.  At the turn around mark on the mighty Weekapaug Bridge, we turned into a slight headwind breeze for the run back.  I never heard anyone behind me for the remainder of the run.  Mile splits:  6:00, 6:02, 6:05.
And we're off.  All 13 of us!
2nd place behind the guy in the light blue suit.

Finishing Run #1 well ahead of light blue guy

Bike:  Coming into T1, it was an odd but pleasant feeling not to have to rip off the wetsuit.  Walked/ran my bike out to the street per instructions, and just as I mounted my bike and started to cross Atlantic Ave, some oblivious spectator walked out right into the road in front of me with his back to me.  I yelled at him (as did race officials) but I didn't have enough time or clearance to go around him.  Struck him in his right leg; fortunately I was going slow and hadn't clipped in yet, so no damage and I didn't fall.

Continuing on the bike, there were a number of bikers who were doing the Tri out ahead of me.  On the first lap out to Watch Hill and back, I got passed more than I passed people.  Unfortunately I saw the same light blue tri suit blow by me early on the ride.  So much for my run build-up, or so I thought.  Very well marked, pretty uneventful ride.  19.7 mph average.  Felt like I should've been faster.

Run #2:  This time the run course was more challenging as there were already a lot of tri guys out on the course.  Having more people out there for the second run was a definite boost as I was more tired the second go around and didn't want to run it alone.  Shortly after starting, Jeff Duda was coming towards me to finish up.  Shortly afterwards, here comes the 2nd tri finisher - it's Tommy 5K!  Awesome!  Continued to pass local tri runners, including Elise and Burbelo.  Just after the turnaround, I saw Shara.  Really pushed the last mile to finish strong.  Mile splits:  6:14, 6:11, 5:46.
Finishing up Run #2

Looks like I almost missed the Finish line and was headed back to transition yet again!  (Video by Matthew)

Final results:  1st in Duathlon.  1:20:57.  Full results.  It turns out the light blue uniforms were part of a relay team, so I won overall.  Still, racing in a field of 13 people seemed a little silly to me.  If I had known this was to be the size of the field, I probably would have skipped it.  Let's hope the RI Duathlon next month has more than 13!

Congrats to Shara on overall female winner and Tommy on 2nd overall in tri.


  1. Well done! Don't discount the small field, you needed this after Rhode Warrior.

  2. Nice job on the win! I would almost consider something like this even though I'd be a hot mess on the bike.