Thursday, October 1, 2015

Weekly Log 21-Sep to 27-Sep-2015: College Visits Recap

Spent the week visiting colleges in south-eastern Atlantic states with Mark.  Y'all come back now, ya hear?
Monday:  11
Morning run in Barn Island.  Primarily hit the single-track trails. Really fun place to run.
Noontime 1.5 miles in Woody Hill, with a chainsaw.  There were four blown-down trees blocking the trail from Wahaneeta up towards Fern Drive; took out 3 of the 4; the final one easy to run around.
Afternoon flew out to NC with Mark.

Tuesday:  5
Umstead State Park, Raleigh, NC.  Trails galore. Wish I had a lot more time before the first campus visit of the day, but I got myself disoriented as it was. Nice mix of forested double and single track.
Visit to NC State

Fun trails in Umstead State Park

Beautiful campus at
UNC Chapel Hill

Wednesday:  11
Myrtle Beach, SC.  Barefoot beach run.  Staying right on the beach, it was calling for me to come for a run in the morning.  The beach just keeps going and going, so I was enjoying running it.
View from the hotel room balcony.  Could have stayed here much longer.

After going 5 1/2 miles, I thought I should be turning around and coming back for breakfast and start of the day.  Shortly after turning around, I felt my feet starting to hurt.  That's odd; I've only run 6 or so miles.  Kept going, but the more I did, the more the feet hurt.  What gives?  I run more than this back home.  A marked difference is here the beach was very hard packed sand and pulverized shells.  About 8 miles I consider stopping and checking my feet, but then decided that won't help me to get back the remaining 3 miles.  Looking around, the other runners I encounter are all wearing running shoes.  Hmmm.  I think about which surface will offer the least friction:  hard-packed beach or running in the water, and decide on the latter.  By the time I make it back to the hotel, my feet are quite blistered and would end up hurting for a couple of days.

I'm guessing the "hooves" are
better adapted to soft sandy RI beaches 
Afternoon kayaking with Mark

Of course, if you have an establishment like this ...

... you're bound to have
characters like this show up.
Had dinner here (NOT)

Actually had dinner here (Mark in foreground)

Thursday:  5
Shorter and slower run on Myrtle Beach, this time shod.  Still a little pain, but nothing like yesterday.
Untimely flash flood while on our
Univ of SC tour;
several inches under this water is the walkway

Friday:  0
In Georgia for the final day of campus visits.  Got up for my run at 5.  Pitch dark, pouring rain, roads literally had no shoulders - that was enough excuses for me to bag the run and catch another 45 minutes of shut-eye.
Final visit:  picturesque Univ of Georgia
At the end of the tour, how appropriate or
inappropriate was it that they blasted "Teenage Wasteland"?
(timeless "Baba O'Reilly" from the Who)

Saturday:  8
Woody Hill solo morning run.  Love running in Woody, and the trail cleared of blown-down trees gave me satisfaction as well.  The Pumpkins course is looking great!  What a change from the spring. Excited and nervous at the same time that this is coming to fruition so soon.

Sunday:  8
Grills trails with Matthew.  We ran the WHS X-C course first, as he has a meet there Tuesday.  After the XC course, we ventured over to the Hopkinton side and back.  I have no chance against Matthew on non-technical double-track, but the old man can hold his own on the Hopkinton hilly technical single-track.

Weekly mileage total:  49

Good experience and time with Mark.  Based on our visits, he "narrowed" down his list from about 25 colleges to the 8 he will apply to in October.  I guess I'll be working for a while. 

Happy to get in another ~50 mile week, plus run in some new areas.  Refreshed the blog header to put in a pic from a fall race.  Which race is it?

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  1. Glad you made it to my Crab Shack! The race is Avondale.