Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Weekly Log 5-Oct to 11-Oct-15

Fall running weather:  I love it!  

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  11
5-mile local road morning run.  Crisp and cool.
6-mile late afternoon trail run.  Wahaneeta and Woody.

Wednesday:  6
Late afternoon run with Tom on the Pumpkins course, plus a little more.

Thursday:  5
Needham road run before work.

Friday:  3
Late afternoon, marking the pine forest section of Pumpkins.  Got really nervous when I used up the majority of flags on just a 2/3 mile section; fortunately Home Depot had 100 more orange flags.  Nervous about the success of the race and because of that, slept poorly most of the night before the race.

Saturday:  10
Run for the Pumpkins Trail 5K!  The day has arrived!  Great success!  Separate post forthcoming shortly.

Sunday:  6
Matthew asked if we could run in Carter Preserve, as he had never been there before and presumably saw it recently in Strava and/or blog posts.  Of course!  Opted to start from the Old Mill Road entrance, first hit up the powerlines, then the Grassland Mile CCW, and finally a nice single-track loop from yellow out almost to Route 112, then red to blue to yellow and back.  I hadn't run in there in a while myself, and had forgotten how technical some of the trails are with undulating hills and turns.  Really fun run.

Weekly mileage total:  41.  Happy with that; pretty consistent lately.  5 trail runs, 2 road runs.

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