Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weekly Log 12-Oct to 18-Oct-2015

Falling behind in blog write-ups seems a common thing lately.

Monday:  11
Columbus Day.  Solo run on Barn Island trails.

Tuesday:  5
20th anniversary of my father's death.  Tough morning.  I was very close to my Dad.  Took the day off.  Drove to Cranston Y, ran to my father's grave, and after return to Y, returned to plant a mum.

Wednesday:  5
Needham Town Forest.  Single track exploration.

Thursday:  6
Moonlight hills in the dark.

Friday:  0

Saturday:  6
Run for the Penguins 5K.  Short write-up forthcoming.

Sunday:  9
RI Duathlon.  Short write-up forthcoming.

Weekly run mileage:  43

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