Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekly Log 19-Oct to 25-Oct-2015

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  13
Morning:  8-mile pond loop, including run on the beach into a strong headwind.
Evening:  5-miles on the Pumpkins course, including planning an extender trail from the turnaround point in the pine forest out to the Swamp Bypass Trail.

Wednesday:  5
Needham track:  6 x 400, w/ 200m recovery: 79, 78, 78, 76, 76, 74.  Tough mentally to complete 6 laps.  Effort seemed puny compared to workouts Jonny and Muddy do, nevermind Matthew.

Thursday:  5
70-degree lunch run on local roads.  27 degrees on Monday; 70 degrees today!

Friday:  3
Seldom take runs this short, and didn't have a time constraint, but after seeing that the majority of Champlin Glacier Park trails are STILL closed for logging operations, lost interest and returned home.

Saturday:  12
Trail run through Woody Hill, including Wahaneeta and town properties.  This was a fun one.  Jonny met early at Bradford Preserve.  Chilly to begin with, but soon warmed up as we ran a variety of trails.  We in there for almost two hours over 1,200 acres, yet never saw a soul.

Sunday:  5
Matthew asked me if we could find hilly trails to run.  Let's try Duval!  He had never been in there before, and Duval trails seem constantly rolling to me.  Went from the Quaker cemetery and covered most of the western portion of Duval, including what seemed to be newly cut or at least newly marked trails?  For example, there was a "Lynn's Loop" blazed yellow that I just don't recall and seemed to have newly felled trees in a few place.

Weekly mileage:  43 - Fifth consecutive week north of 40.  Very happy with that.

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  1. I miss DuVal. That yellow trail (Lynn's Loop) has been around for awhile, though it's possible that it was rerouted. I'd run it to check for you, but that might be logistically challenging.