Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weekly Log 9-Nov to 15-Nov-2015: Vermont and Li'l Rhody Week

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  6
Land Trust volunteering in the morning.  We reopened Champlin Glacier Preserve for the first time since the spring, as it was closed all summer for a forestry initiative.  Many of the trails I don't even recognize anymore after all the clearing.
Doesn't look like Champlin

It's raining leaves

In the afternoon, I ran Barn Island trails in the rain with Matthew and a friend of his.

Wednesday:  5
Very windy Veterans' Day.  Decided to stay off roads and ran in the Westerly Town Forest instead.

Thursday:  5
Dover, MA.  Another day on the trails.  Ran/explored Noanet Woodlands.

Friday:  4
Thetford, VT.  Ran the NE XC Championship course with Matthew.  We ran at an easy pace, and I was still feeling it with all the undulating hills.  In the back half of the course, a 200' winding climb called "Morty's Monster" awaited us.

Saturday:  7
West Lebanon, NH.  Headed out early from the hotel before going to Matthew's meet.  I had mapped out a loop and a segment to go after.  1.2 mile "Down Mt. Support" segment.  64 people on the segment; I would need to run sub-6, but given a loss of 123 feet in elevation, that shouldn't be too taxing.  (It wasn't)
Stepped outside to find it snowing.  Not hard, and not sticking, but snow none the less.  Glad I had brought a hat and gloves.  Fun and scenic run.
1st snow flakes of the season!

Sunday:  8
Back in Rhody for the 24th annual Li'l Rhody Runaround.  Write-up to follow shortly.

Weekly tally:  Mileage a little low at 36.  Want to keep a base of ~40 throughout the winter before ramping up for whatever I undertake in the spring.

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