Friday, November 6, 2015

Weekly Log 26-Oct to 1-Nov: Lazy Miles & Halloween

Monday:  6
Blue Heron trail, Dedham, MA.  Running at dawn on rooty, rocky trails is a little tougher as I couldn't see them all.

Tuesday:  0

Wednesday:  6
Mystic trails in the rain with FiveK.  It was a pretty steady rain when we met late afternoon at the Aquarium, but undaunted, we sought out trails where the rain is not so bothersome on the face.  We made it up as we were going, but there were occasional maps along the way where we could check in.  A few times we got disoriented (normal for first time running a trail system), but it looks like we covered most of them.

Thursday:  5
Lunchtime run in Misquamicut.

Friday:  0

Saturday:  9
9 miles at 6:42 pace.  Chilly run through Avondale, before heading up to Glocester, RI to watch Matthew take 2nd in the RI Class B Championship meet.  16:35 on a hilly 5K course!  Now he is qualified for the RI State meet next Sunday, where he has a goal to make New Englands (top 25 runners in the state advance).
Really fun watching him go from 8th place early on, all the
way down to 2nd place.  Fastest sophomore time in the state.

Got back from the meet in time to carve pumpkins.

and enjoy one of my favorite holidays.

Can't you see I'm smiling?
Even got a fireside visit from the newlyweds.

Sunday:  0

Weekly run miles:  26.  Yeah, pretty pathetic.  I could make up excuses for missing three days of running, but I'll just rationalize it that it's good to take a recovery week from time to time with less mileage, and the previous 5 weeks were all north of 40 miles.  Let's just make sure I get back to the higher miles next week!


  1. 26 is pathetic? In general or just for you? I'm not worthy!!

    1. Beth, the pathetic reference is only relative to my own training. That's one of the many things I love about running - you compete against yourself.