Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weekly Log 2-Nov to 8-Nov-2015: Ocean swim, trail runs in the dark, and impaling poles

First full week of November.  Ocean swim and night trail run were the highlights.

Monday:  7
Moonlight Hills. After setting the clocks back this past weekend, it was good to be able to have more daylight to run in during the early morning, even if only temporary.

Tuesday:  7
Beautiful fall day in
Hopkinton Grills Preserve
Grills run from Hopkinton side at lunch.  Very balmy 67F.  Not complaining, but I do prefer the cool crisp fall runs.  When I made it over to the Westerly side, I decided to push it hard and unbeknownst to me, took a segment from Jonny on the blue trail heading back to Polly Coon bridge.

Heading over the bridge into Hopkinton, I missed a sharp right turn and kept heading up the double-track.  Eventually it was odd to see a pickup truck driving out here.  Oops, that's because I'm trespassing.  The man yelled out to me to ask if I was looking for the trail.  I turned around to come back to him and apologized for the inadvertent trespassing.  He insisted on walking with me to show me the return trail as long as he didn't "slow me down".  We talked for a while, and small world, it turns out his son played soccer with my brother Scott at Chariho decades ago, and he had worked with my uncle at Pfizer.

Wednesday:  8
Needham, MA.  Plans for a track workout were short-lived due to lack of interest.  Ran the trails at Wilson Mountain Reservation instead, pushing it a little faster on the uphill sections, one of my running weaknesses.
Odd pumpkin/squash/gourd impaling pole
near the start of my run today

Thursday:  5
Another balmy day in the mid-60s.  For my lunch run, I opted to go to the Westerly Town Beach.  There were actually a few people at the beach, some even in beach chairs!  Yes, this is November!  Weird!  Decided to go with the warm weather theme and ran barefoot.  Out to the breachway and back, continuing on past the state beach before returning to make five miles.  Completely sweaty, I ran and dove into the ocean.  It wasn't as cold as I expected.  Splashed around for a few minutes.  November, eh?

Friday:  5
Champlin trails in the dark.  First time running trails with a headlamp since Ragnar.  Had forgotten just how difficult it is, especially on the rocky/rooty sections.

Saturday:  8
Solo Li'l Rhody course run.  Easy pace inspecting the course.  A few tree blow-downs, presumably from the August freak storm, as most had long since had a detour routed around or over them.  Ready or not, here we come!

Sunday:  6
Avondale Westerly Land Trust 5K.  Write-up shortly.

Weekly mileage:  45.  Back over 40, yeah!


  1. "Plans for a track workout were short-lived due to lack of interest. " I know that feeling well.

    Fun, non-pathetic, week!!

    And look down in the corner a little box with "Notify me" if I click that I should see if you reply to this non snarky comment - wait, can I say something non-snarky or sarcastic?? hmmm To snark or not to snark, it's a tough call!

  2. Nice week! People were in chairs at our beach too. It was so nice, however, I never thought about jumping in the water. Way to go!