Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekly Log 28-Sep to 4-Oct-2015

Rain-drenched week (5 out of 7 days) as we turn the calendar into October.  Other than the lack of sunshine, I am enjoying the cooler temperatures.

Monday: 2
Lunch run and minor trail clearing.

Tuesday: 5
Last of the really hot weather.  Near 80 degrees on lunchtime run along the beach in Miquamicut.  Later in the afternoon was out on the Grills trails for Matthew's only home XC meet of the year.  Drenching rain but worth it as Matthew won it by over a minute over the next runner.

Wednesday:  10
Absolute downpour.  The question wasn't IF I would run, but rather WHERE I would run.  A track workout would not be fun, and I didn't really want to be on the roads with drivers splashing and sliding through flooded roadways.  The trails it is!
Socks after today's trail run.
For once, I was nice and at least rinsed out the
muck instead of just putting in the hamper
for Jana to deal with.

Ran the 10-mile Blue Heron Trail loop in Dedham, MA.  For most of the run, I was splashing through puddles.  In a few places, flooded streams were deeper than my knee to ford!  I had fun out there, but I don't imagine the local Y was thrilled with the mud I dragged in.

Thursday:  6
Morning run on my Westerly Hospital loop.  Low 50s and drizzly.

Friday:  5
Windy and rainy morning run on my Rockridge loop.

Saturday:  5
The rain broke long enough for me to get out on the Pumpkins course to inspect it after the wind.  Mike B had also suggested this during the week, but I knew I'd sleep better checking it out ASAP.  Nothing major, but many small branches were down on the trail.  Also took the time to map out an approximate 1K kids' course on the grass field.  Game day minus 1 week!

Sunday:  8
Finally, a great fall day!  Temps in the 50s and the sun came out!  Write-up forthcoming on my race at Strides 5K.
I was very excited to find this guy sunning himself
on our lawn.  Caught him and brought him in the house to
show everyone.  The boys seemed excited (as boys should be,
right, Mike B?) and Mark took this pic.  Jana was NOT impressed
and wanted to know why I brought a snake in the house.

I thought about putting him in the car and bringing him to Mike B's house
as I know he'd appreciated it, but this was just a little snake so I let him go.
I'll wait until I catch something bigger before I bring one to Mike.

Weekly mileage:  40.  A little higher would be nice, but not bad given nothing major or long coming up.


  1. I hope you get dementia and forget my address – really
    I’m standing on my work desk while replying to this blog thinking that one is under my desk

  2. HA!!! I had no idea Mikey didn't like snakes! You are a good man Jeff, rinsing out the socks for Jana. I should do the same thing for Dave when he does the laundry...

  3. I disagree: Track Workout are actually quite fun in the rain.