Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekly Log 2-May to 8-May-2016

Monday:  5
Late afternoon run from Wahaneeta heading north into Woody Hill.  Skunk cabbage galore!  Really enjoy these local trails.

Tuesday:  5
Another Woody Hill trail run.  No, I don't tire of it.  This one was a rainy run from Bradford Preserve, running both the Pumpkins course plus the new WHS XC course.

Wednesday:  10
AM:  3 miles.  Scary run in Needham, due to sharp hip pain that I've never had.  Cut it short.
PM:  7 miles.  In the rain.  The hip was feeling better by afternoon, and with Chris Garvin in for a surprise visit, didn't want to pass it up as long as the pain didn't flare up again.  Met up with Chris, Jonny, and Nate for a run on trails in northern Carolina that I had never been on.  Fun, with a neat river crossing and running along trout (yes, trout!) for part of the way.  Hip felt much better; maybe about 90%.

Thursday:  0
Intentional day off to give the hip a rest.

Friday:  5
Soaking rain.  Readers know that I'm not a fair-weather runner, but this is getting tiring.  Ran part of the Mystic route that Matthew and I ran a week back.  Loop from Mystic Y.

Saturday:  10
First run with Mike B in a long time.  Ran from Mystic Aquarium on the back half of the Mystic Half route, as Mike is running this next weekend.  Saw a snake a little too late to try to pick it up and see if I could get Mike to scream like a girl.  He said that would have made him run a 4-minute mile.  Hmmm ... maybe I should carry a snake in the next race I'm in with Mike and stay right behind him to get him a PR?

Sunday:  0
 Hip frustratingly on and off.  Day off.

Weekly mileage:
Run:  35

Weekly synopsis:  Rain and hip issues were both real downers.  Run with Mike was fun.

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  1. HA! Stock up on plastic snakes for Mikey!! And no you are not a fair weather runner, never, you gut it out no matter what, but last week got a little ridiculous with the rain (I watched the weather reports).